Thursday, October 25, 2007

It's NOT my birthday...

Okay, it's not my birthday, but Suki got a new sketch book and new pencils, Elizabeth got her Moleskin sketch pad, so I wanted one too. I opted for "Not Fancy" for my first one. I went to Michael's and got a medium sized one that would fit in my bag. And I got water color pencils and a "DRAWING CLASS KIT" both from the ART section! I have no idea the quality of what I picked, but I liked the idea of the colored pencils that I could add water too and have it look like watercolor painting. I haven't tried that yet. And the "kit" has lots of neat stuff. Charcoal pencils, regular pencils with different numbers on them, a cool soft eraser, a little pencil sharpener even!
Do I sound like a little kid let lose in the art supply store? I am! I got a glue stick too, that is for my textile work (I think)...I have no idea what I am doing here...but I am having fun.
I took the sketch pad and pencils to the little German Bakery where I like to eat lunch downtown. The picture on the left was done there. And the one on the right I did at my office of a part of my desk. Big Draws. I have no idea what number I am on. Does it matter?

But I posted a lot tonight as I will not be here tomorrow! See you on Saturday. The Trapunto class was cancelled. Not enough interest. So I will stay with the kids as late Saturday morning as I can before they start off on their plans for the day. Then I am sure I'll go home and crash and rest.


  1. How fun. I love to go into Micheals for goodies. Especially when they have those coupons with 40 & 50% off.
    I just got a watercolor a day calendar for next year. I need to photograph it & post it. it teaches you to do watercolors on someone elses sketches giving daily hints..That will be good for practice. It has the sketches and the paints and one brush. I have some supplies to add to it.
    Looks like you did good. Love the sketches too.
    Will miss your blogging. Have fun with the kiddies..

  2. Thanks Cris. I am positive I will have fun. Your sketch pad sounds fun too. I love the "coloring" and that's funny after all I said about being anti coloring books.
    But my own stuff. That's different right?

  3. I took some pictures of the calendar thingy. will post it in a little while. Yep it IS different doing your own stuff.

  4. German dumpling in a vegetable broth!!! I'd love to go and have lunch with you there. And you got new drawing tools, that is great and good for motivation. I like the two coloured drawings, the things on your desk are interesting. Looking forward to more, have fun

  5. Great that you are buying and trying new tools. I've always wondered abt those watercolor pencils. They sound fun for quick sketches. Enjoyed your deli and office sketches in color. Seems so different to draw in color. Be well.

  6. Whee, toys and fun things! I think you will like the watercolor pencils. I had some once and really liked being able to add water and see what happened next. I am getting a huge amount of vicarious pleasure from your artistic adventures of late.

  7. Lynn--presents on any "not my birthday" day are easily the best (well...apart from really amazing presents *on* your birthday, of course). And, if you pick them out, you can safely bet you will love them.

    Your sketches are cool--keep showing us more!

  8. YEAY! New art supplies, a totally tip-top present for yourself. Good for you! I like the sketches, it looks like you are having fun, which is what it should all be about. There is no 'right' or 'wrong' way either.

    Looking forward to seeing more of your playing... :-)


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