Thursday, October 25, 2007

Tomorrow is Toddler Sitting Day!

I spent the morning sewing the frog feet onto the Halloween socks as tomorrow I will be taking the Frog costumes to my grandchildren for the first time. I can't wait to see them in them.
This is my "Grandma's Bag", that I take with me. Those are the "Grandma Lynnie" and "Grandpa Fred" dolls I knit them. They have the two dolls in their images I knit them at their house.
There are new books (from garage sale finds), a "Thomas the Train" sticker game; some badges and stickers, a Frisbee, and another plastic toss toy, little cars, a magnet game, cards with numbers, "I Spy" cards, a little furry chipmunk that lives in a canister, another canister of stickers and crayons, paints, tapes of kids songs, and little hand puppets and finger puppets among other little things I can't remember. It's FULL. And I have been lugging this bag with me each time I visit for the past two years. ( I keep some of the original stuff and change out books and toys over time) Well since they were born and they are just three now.
I'm also taking the frog costumes, my camera, my sewing machine/quilt/notions; (to use while they are sleeping) and personal items for spending the night. I will be alone with them from 8 a.m. till their bedtime at 8 p.m. for the very first time! I can hardly wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Is it morning yet?


  1. Looks like your ready to go.. sounds like your going to have fun. Do you have to go very far?

  2. Not far...I am truly blessed!

  3. What a wonderful bag, I imagine for your grandchildren it must be like rummaging through the treasures in your attic. Better than gifts!

  4. I just love your grandma bag. Your grandkids are very lucky. And what a nice long stay you'll have with them.

    The costumes as seen in earlier post are stupendous. Many, wish I had a grandmother like you!!! Have a great time.

  5. Thanks,
    [grandma bowing from the waist]
    It's so much fun. I'm off now. I'll be pooped out tomorrow but it is oh so worth it!
    The kids are excited that I am coming!
    Yes, they love the bag, they can hardly drag it around to open it. Always ask first. So sweet.
    I adore watching them find hidden surprises.
    It's our game...and me making positive memories I hope for them.
    Thank you Universe for giving me this day!

  6. Thank you for sharing with us the day the Universe bestowed on you. It's like a sleepover! How old do you feel when you are with the little ones?

  7. Wow! Lucky children. Can my son and I come and play too, it looks like such fun! Thomas The Tank Engine too, we'll be straight over... ;-)


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