Thursday, October 25, 2007

Lynn Coming Clean after Cooking Disaster

I even used a dryer sheet to help get the guck off this pyrex bowl and lid!
Needed ingrediants for this tasty dish
(actually that's what went on the pork, lOl)

Ready to eat! How to surprise ones husband!

Getting clean!

Follow up on Louisiana Blackened Rice Dish
How to clean a glass pyrex bowl
Now HOW do we get the burnt smell out of the house????

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  1. I had a hard time getting my stainless steel pot cleaned after burning the sugar water. Con had to sand the thing in the end. will never be the same.
    I used coffee grounds and spices. That got rid of the order pretty good. I wont do that again. I hope. lol

  2. What I loved about burning my stainless steel pot with a copper botton was that the burning burned off all the guck and left the copper showing and shining! The inside got clean with some Comet and a stiff scouring pad.
    That was when I made brown rice from scratch on top of the stove and of course forgot about it and burned it. Actally the stove just cooks hotter than it should I think.

    I have just put some vanilla, cinnimon, and pumpkin spice in a pot of water and have it on the stove. We'll see if it does the trick. Thanks for the tip.

  3. OOPS.. I MEANT I used the coffee grounds & spices and boiled them. and got rid of the ODOR. arrgh. been a long day. lol
    It is the coffee grinds that do the trick. heard that from a retired police lieutenant.
    tanks for nice comment on drawing. ;-)

  4. you are both specialists :)
    Lynn, your husband should put yellow crime scene tape around the stove, to keep you away from it for a while....
    You all make me smile so much, thanks a lot!

  5. Wow. You are so good cleaning your pot so well. Most of mine have burnt stuff on them, esp. the metal cookie tin kinda thing as I hate to scrub.

  6. Andrea, I love the idea of the yellow tape around the stove! You make me laugh too!

    I was so afraid last night I'd burn the spices cooking/boiling in the stainless steel pot to make the house smell better. It's still not all gone...

  7. Still very funny ... :-)

    I'm amazed you didn't have to resort to buying a new dish! Excellent cleaning work.

  8. ha ha you truly are a 'misfit' in the kitchen- welcome to the club, i hate the kitchen!


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