Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I can't cook #2

Looks like I am still IN the big DRAW!
Also consider yourself tagged (if you want to be, and want to play: "What you can't do")

1. I can't cook
2. I can't spell
3. I can't ride a horse
4. I can't do math
5. I can't ski
6. I can't tell which is left/right
7. I can't hear (well)

What can't you do?
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  1. this is a great drawing, I like your drawn pot better than the real one:)
    I like your use of ink! Your tag is funny. It depends how you look at it but in my opinion you can go without the things you listed:)
    Have a great day

  2. I'll play.

    1. I can't quilt.
    2. I can't lift very heavy things.
    3. I can't go without a cup of coffee in the morning.
    4. I can't keep a spotless house.
    5. I can't find things right in front of my face.
    6. I can't speak any languages other than English.
    7. I can't stay sad or gloomy longer than just a little while.

  3. well this is certainly making lemons out of lemonaide.. or burnt offerings. hee hee. Love your drawing. I cant cook either. yikes.

  4. Very nice drawing. Has an asian feel to it. I like it best of all you've done so far, I think.


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