Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Borders on all but one side

I had a break in my work this morning so I came home to sew a bit. I got the third and second to last 4 1/2 inch border sewn on. Last night I finished the one inch border between the inside and outside borders. It's really coming along. I almost want to slow down, but don't really know how. The slowing down will come with waiting to buy the backing, sandwiching it, and waiting for the second Heirloom class before doing the actual top quilting. I guess I will practice my free style sewing/quilting during that time. Maybe create something new.

Cris I do not know how you survive with dial up modem on your computer for blogging/email. I tried using mine this morning at work and it was a severe practice in patience. I felt I could have BECOME a Buddhist in the waiting! :=(


  1. Lynn this is just getting better each step you do. It will be something for you to enjoy for years to come and your heirs to treasure to.
    I go CRAZY with dial up. Thats why I dont get to very many people to check them out and to comment to them on their blogs. Some I just cant get on to comment. I can just handle a few. Just trying to keep up on the conversations is mind boggling. Sometimes I just click on a blog and leave and come back and read. do another.. etc. seems like I am here all the time but I am out and doing and coming and going. pant pant pant. ;)
    I am going to look into it again. They sock it to people out of the City IF you can get something..and a budget is a must.

  2. Totally beautiful quilt. Soooo jealous.

    And I quite agree about Cris - she has got real guts and determination and PATIENCE to be blogging via dial up. Personally when I tried it recently I almost lost the will to live... Gold Star for Cris.

    Off to bed , very late here, more comments on all your fab work tomorrow.

    I like that you got the urge to sketch like that!!! :-)

  3. Thanks Cris, and if you are reading this now you deserve a medal. I do hope you can afford the investment DSL or it's equivalant would be. I could not do what you are doing. Like I said I tried it at the office today and I nearly flipped out. Just gave up and came home to sew and log on.

    Thanks Lizzi...haven't sketched yet today...maybe later as there is not that much sewing left to do.

  4. Lizzi, don't be jealous, take a quilting class. If I can do it anyone can!!!!!!!!! ;-)

  5. Thanks Guys. I guess not knowing the joys of DSL versus Dial up is bliss... or insanity. lol
    I asked a friend of mine tonight what she had and the cost. She is a bit further out in the country and it is costing her 79 dollars a month. YIKES. I guess I am to learn patience a while longer. ;-)
    Thanks for the nice comment on my drawing and rose bud photo. I took that not long ago. I want to know where you got the copy right and slide show to put on your blog??? Share your secrets paleeeeeeze..? ;-)
    It's late and I need sleep. lol

  6. Cris: I got the copyright idea off Elizabeth's blog. I just wrote up my little sentence and did an
    "Add a page element" and it comes up there.

    As for the slide go to mine and where it says Make your own click on that and follow directions. I did it in a few minutes time.


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