Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Seventeen Days: Start of Rose Quilt to finishing the top

Seventeen days from start to finish of top

Oct. 5: first reading pattern, tracing and cutting out templates of roses and leaves, cutting out roses & leaves, cutting out 9 1/2" squares of background fabric,
Oct 6: taking French Rose Class at A Quilted Heart quilt shop, June Quiring teacher
Oct. 7-12 sewing four layers of roses; sewing roses to squares; sewing 40 squares together (five across/eight down);
Oct. 13: sewing 1st 3 1/2" border on,
Oct. 14: sewing 2nd 1 1/2" border on;
Oct. 15 & 16: sewing first three then last side of 3rd 4 1/2" border on.

Now it will rest until after class on Nov 2nd. After that the top quilting shall begin. (buy backing on Oct. 27th sale/5th Saturday of the month deal)

Until then?
Stay tuned.


  1. LOVE IT. You are making me want to do something like this. Of course I am not sure when I would find the time. What with our gardening, my drawing & painting I spending hours on DIAL UP. lol. I am also trying to learn flute. It was my Dads and I recently got it fixed up. So I can dream of quilting or better yet look at yours.
    I see you also got tagged. I have to think what 7 weird things are about myself. Guess I could ask my friends. They would know & probably tell me too.. LOL


  2. Oh la la, you are one busy perfectionist woman! The quilt is beautiful and I wonder how many hours you have spend on this. Your back isn't aching?
    Love this quilt.

  3. Again I have to say how amazingly, wonderfully beautiful this quilt is. It's so fresh. Nobody could sleep in a room with it and not feel cheered.

  4. My back becomes affected some times. I try to remind myself to get up and walk around from time to time while sewing. Also to stand and iron gives the body some variety!

    I too wonder how many hours I logged. I will perhaps keep a note pad by my sewing machine and count them from now on.

    I can't wait for us to see it done, done. But for now thanks. I love it too.

  5. The quilt is GORGEOUS. I love that the edges will 'age' after washing--This gives me all sorts of ideas!

    Just beautiful.

  6. Karen thank you so much. Your praise means a lot to me. I will look forward to what you make with frayed edges. :-)


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