Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tagged: Seven Weird Things

This morning I was tagged by Andrea to show my weirdness seven times. Here is my list. Not sure these make me weird or different, they are just parts of myself, my history, my being. Consider your self tagged if you want to play and list your seven "weird" things on your own blog. Seven weird things about myself. 1. I have very small feet my DH calls “hooves”! 2. My DH and I are so different our friends refer to us as “The Odd Couple”. 3. I pour my heart and soul into a project until it is done. 4. I lived on a Kibbutz for five years in Israel when I was in my early 20’s. 5. I never believed I could complete college. 6. When I was ten, although terrified I’d drown, I swam the width of my uncles’ small swimming pool, got out and cried. 7. In the late 60’s I lived in an Indian Tee Pee, and used a treadle sewing machine to make wonderful clothing out of old jeans. (I’d almost forgotten that)


  1. These are wonderful facts, thanks for sharing them. They say so much about you, I pictured everything in my mind it is like a short film about a very special personality..
    Have a nice day

  2. Great facts. Is DH your dear heart? so many life experiences that add up and accumulate into who we are now.

  3. DH could be dear or dear husband, same thing. And how right you are about the life experiences who make us who we are today. I am amazed to recall how far back my "sewing expereinces" go. Even before the TP I did make clothes for my kids and even myself, when they were young (35 years ago!) I recall one jacket I made from old tapestry fabric and it was like a crazy quilt pieced together. I hadn't clue I was "quilting" then, but it sure was a precurser...and it was creative!

  4. ha ha i like the last one most. i'm gonna try it. i thought dh was darling heart! same thing!

  5. I was wondering what DH meant. Kind of figured it out anyway.
    I am amazed at the sewing with denim on that machine you used. wow. And you talk about me and Dial up. LOL I used to sew all my clothes but dont any more. I did make all our curtains in our place. Interesting life experiences you have had. This is fun.

  6. I learned DH, SIL, BIL, MIL, DD, from other bloggers!

  7. Now I am MEGA jealous... I have always wanted to live ina tee-pee to see what it is like.

    Thanks for these... I am still struggling to come up with my 7!!!

    Catching up with my drawing, posting tomorrow. Gone but not forgetting :-)

  8. It seems we like the same books. DId you like Deafening? So glad to have found your blog.

  9. Lizzi, living in a TeePee part time was great. We erected ours on a big wooden platform, which we built ourselves (to keep away from rattle snakes) overlooking the valley. Purple lupines grew in abundance around us. Our friends whose land we were on and who lived full time in a bigger TP with two kids for several years before building a house there, raised goats and had a huge garden.

    The energy felt inside the TP was wonderous. Or so I thought then, as a raging Hippie young mom. First we spent weekends, and then our weekends became longer and longer. It was a good time had by all.

    Yolanda, thanks for coming by. Yes I did like the book, Deafening, a lot. I am the wearer of two hearing aids. So it spoke to me. I do not suffer the same degree of total deafness as the character in the book. I can hear with out mine, but better with. The war story moved me deeply too. I see you do a sort of book club on your blog. Very interesting. Will give it more time later. Do come back.


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