Friday, October 19, 2007

Star Dancer

This is my "drawing" for yesterday and today. I had to draw the face before I could sew it. And Free Style sewing IS drawing!

Remember the so called Ohio Star for last quilting class that I turned into a dancer? This is it. She has pink toe shoes and pink hearts in the four corners. I have still to sew the final side closed. Something fun for my grandkids to play with. Hugs to all.


  1. This is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Lynn, That is darling. and yes it is drawing. I love your imagination.
    Positive thinking and a great imagination. What more could one want? Your Grandkids have a cool Grandma. ;-)

  3. Lynn, by the way, You're a tease. This is in reference to your photo in the side bar. LOL

    Thanks for you comments on my blog.

    I SOSed E and she will help on the slide show tomorrow. So take good notes.. I want to know how to do it too. ;)

  4. yeah, I know...tee hee.

    Spent the evening making two small squares using free style sewing skills. Will post tomorrow for all to see. Not great art, but fun playful stuff.

  5. Hi Lynn. Yes, drawing pictures with thread is like painting -- like the squirrel on my blog - which is heavily threadpainted with vereigated thread. Threadpainting is so much fun, isn't it???? This is an adorable project you made - and, in addition to the precious little drawing on the pillow - I am quite fond of the "ohio" star, being a "Clevelandgirlie!"
    Keep creating and have fun!

  6. Oh, love the dancer and how you salvaged that Ohio star mishap by doing your own thing with it. You always look on the bright side, don't you?

  7. That's the goal Kelly...when there's a choice it really is the best side.


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