Friday, October 19, 2007

Very Important Tip...Dryer Sheets!

I meant to blog this after my last quilting class. This is information for anyone out there with a glass shower door. Glass shower doors collect soap scum something awful. My quilting teacher for that day told us that Bounce/or any of those dryer sheets you put in with your clothes to take away the static electricity or whatever, are great for getting the soap scum off glass shower doors. And you know what? She was right! I tried it today, and believe me ours had a fair share of scum, as I am not exactly Martha Stewart or Ms. House Beautiful Cleaning Woman. It took the scum right off. I was amazed. So now I am taking my clean clothes from the dryer upstairs to put away and I am also taking the used dryer sheets to put in the bathroom for next shower cleaning! I figure if I use them after each shower or at least after each clothes drying those doors might even stay clean for a while! Hey, who knew? PS. I have a long list of other things she said they are useful for and I will share when they prove to be awe inspiring true facts.


  1. I showed my mom Magic Eraser during my visit and she was thrilled. She said it even works on the inside of the fridge.

  2. Excellent... I LOVE stuff like this, top tips for the busy housewife! Or housewives who are busy drawing instead...!!


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