Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Doodling on the border fabric with the flower designs. I will not be using a dark color on the final piece, but wanted to "see" the design. Will probably use cream or pink thread on this. Or maybe I should just out line the flowers that are already there? Comments welcomed.
Today's Draw! And this is just playing around with doodles. Thinking about the online art class called Doodles.
But not sure this is the right time. It will slow down the quilting...could do both? How busy do I want to be?


  1. Love the doodling. Nice colors too. I love to just sit and doodle and see what comes out. Never thought of using color.

    As for the stitching I would have to see a bigger piece of the free stitching on the quilt to tell. Will it compete with the pattern of material or take away from it any and will it show up? That's what you have to decide. But since you're the creator you need to decide what YOU like. That's what is important.

  2. Great doodles! If you do not take the class now, you can always doodle around on your own:)
    I like the doodling on the border fabric. I think that if you use dark thread, it is fine to do great, generous doodles that have nothing to do with the original flowers; Pink or cream will be great for outlining what exists already. But perhaps it is the contrary:) Everything is possible:)
    Have fun.
    Love the doodles!

  3. great doodles - I see you are beginning to design your own fabric now. Good idea!

    Not been ignoring you, I've only just found all my comments. Blogger have stopped sending them for some reason.. I thought everyone was ignoring me!
    Glad you got slideshow working. you can adjust the size when you set up your slideshow, on their site. (One can also adjust the width of one's blog page, but that it VERY, tricky and I don't feel qualified to explain properly.)

  4. I really like the stiched sample. How much the stitching adds to the quilt! Love kitty on the quilt. doodles look like some of the psychedelic art from the 60's.

  5. Lynn would like to do a blog post showing the original doll, my drawing and your sewn doll. Wanted your permission to post the photo of yr doll. I think that I can do that by saving yr photo to my photo program.

  6. You already do more than just about any other person I know...and all of it with joy and zeal. Love the thread doodling.

  7. Lizzi, I hope I have already thanked you for helping get my slide show to the side. If not please hear me now. Thank you so so much. And I will play with trying to figure out widening the blog page. That would help too.

    Suki, I wondered where I went into my subconsious to pull up those colorful doodles. I think you are right and I can only imagine from what experiences they came. ;-)

    And yes, you may of course have permission to post my doll along side your drawing and original doll. I would love to see this and would love to add those two to mine along with my doll on my site as well if that is okay with you?
    Thanks for asking! I am honored.

    Thanks all for your wonderful kudos on all my stitches and doodlings. I am having fun.

  8. i love doodling, very relaxing. nice colours.


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