Tuesday, October 23, 2007

French Rose Quilt is Sandwiched and Pinned

The top pinned

The sandwich with backing folded over the top and the white batting under it.

I speak to you from a very sweaty body tonight folks. It's been a busy day. At noon time I high tailed it over to the quilt shop again, and this time Patti, my Nine Patch Pizazz Quilt teacher (the Fish Quilt, my first big one) helped me lay out the backing flannel on the floor to fold it in half and to cut it to be seamed. It took the two of us to do it. This is by far my largest quilt to date (my fourth).

That done I enjoyed a Mexican lunch of chicken enchilada, rice and beans and probably not so healthy chips, ice water and fresh lime to drink at the little locally owned restuarant I like in this area. Then back to work.

Once home I spread the backing down the upstairs hallway, it just about filled the whole floor. And I had to cut only one layer down the long length of this doubled over fabric. It was not a timid job believe me. I have no idea how straight it is or isn't. I put the huge bulk of material on my ironing board where I ripped the salvages off four sides of the fabric two at a time! Yes, ripped. I'd not done this before, but Connie said to so I did and it came out fine.

I then took it to my sewing machine and sewed quarter inch seams down two sides.

This done I ironed the seams open and then laid the backing face down on my bed. It covered the queen sized bed and ran down the sides and ends. I then got out the batting and laid it on top of the backing and it was even longer and wider than it. And finally I smoothed all that out and then laid the top of roses on top of it finishing the sandwich. I smoothed and smoothed them so there were hopefully no wrinkles on any of the 3 layers. This was not an easy task either as there is not that much room between the bed and ironing board on one side or the bed and three walls on the other side and ends. Another words, not much room for ME to fit next to it.

I squeezed in best I could and began the pinning. Each square got five pins, one in each corner and one in the middle, working from the middle of the quilt to the outside. A slow, laborious process. That is when I began to sweat. I had to reach underneath all three layers smoothing out as I went to pin through the layers careful not to pick up the bedspread underneath it all. I did not prick my fingers once!
I do believe it took about an hour and a half to complete the pinning out to the borders.

DH came home as I was finishing up and I yelled to him to bring up the camera. I felt this needed to be chronicled with pictures! As you can see Henry V got into the act immediately! Too funny.

I am in awe of how much sewing there is to do on this top. A little overwhelmed at the prospect of it, but excited to get started at the same time. Wish me well and smooth sailing, I mean sewing! ;-)

May all your projects and creations be as fun as this is for me.
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  1. OMG..NOW I remember why I only did one quilt. lol
    That & having 3 CATS & 1 DOG. I have no space that wouldn't attract an animal.
    No wonder these things cost a lot of $$ to buy one.. LOT'S of blood, sweat and tears go into one.
    Thanks for sharing. ;-)

    And thanks for your comments on my blog. ;-)

  2. Yes, Cris, a lot of "blood, sweat and tears." Well no blood yet. No, that's not true, I did stick myself with a pin a few days ago and bled but that may have been while working on another project.
    Lots of sweat last night while pinning and while down on the floor. You really need to be in shape to do this work! And no tears yet. I hope the rest goes well so there won't be any either.
    I too respect the money that goes into making these. I do not believe anyone can get back what they put into it monetarily or sweat-wise. But I do love the process and the outcome. It just is an expensive hobby...I supose I could make more using "garage sale/thrift store scraps" and less high end fabrics...and might have to, but for now am enjoying this "rich stuff".

  3. A hobby is something you do for yourself. Everyone should have a hobby of some sort.. But this is also something that can be passed down to your children to enjoy in the future, so it will bring joy to others too. So keep enjoying it all. and keep on sharing with us. ;-)

  4. Oh la la! this is a huge piece! It looks already as if it was finished! I'm not sure I understand how it is done, it sounds very complicated. It is gorgeous! I think the money that goes into this is nothing compared to the part of "you" that goes into it. Nobody can may this enough:) I love your cat walking down the quilt, thinking: wow, she does this is for me,Ilove her:)

  5. This is just such a beautiful piece... No, actually what I mean to say is this:-
    "It is absolutely AWFUL, you must HATE it, so post this ugly quilt over to me in England and I'll take it off your hands for you" ;-)

  6. P.S. I love that your cat had to stick his nose (body) in ... so cat like! Henry V = very funny! Any particular reason for that name?

  7. Yes I agree. Watching you move through the steps of making the quilt really makes me aware of the amount of work that goes into making these. And think back to the days when it was all done by hand! This quilt is marvelous, a gift you are giving yourself. In a way, it seems to be coming together fast to me. Hurrah for you

  8. Oh, this is really coming together. SO beautiful. It takes my breath away every time I see it in a new phase.

  9. Sweet cat. Reminds me of my cat Jasper.

  10. Andrea, You are too funny. No it's far from done! Much has to be sewn yet. I start this tonight and will blog each stitch until you understand it fully! Ha ha ha.

    And as for you Miss Lizzi, I am sorry but you cannot have my ugly quilt. I am keeping it just to spite you! So there!

    Henry V is an English Cat, can't you tell? He is very regal and large. He needed a regal name.
    And we like Shakespeare!

    Many people still do quilt by hand. My friend, Diane says she can take six months to finish one by hand. Her's are wonderful. I should post more of her work and I will.

    Hugs to you all. Your words keep me floating and moving and shaking and producing! They also warm my heart.

  11. amazing, brilliant, what a huge undertaking, well done.
    if you get bored, you can make me one too.


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