Monday, October 22, 2007

Folding is a Struggle, It's NOT A Bed Of Roses!

I think I will go back to Connie at the quilt store on my lunch hour tomorrow and let her or someone else there fold this fabric for cutting. It hangs over my queen sized bed. I need a flat surface. It's too much for me to shake into shape alone.
You can imagine me all tangled up in a bed of roses.


  1. Lynn I just saw your comments on the Haiku blog. That's a blog by my friend A. I was a sort of blog "partner." Anyway I'll tell him abt your comments. I have now eliminated that blog from my lists as he has deleted his blog and wont post anymore. Thanks

  2. ahh yes, the "joys" of trying to fold and cut fabric when there isn't a table big enough!

    In a pinch, I've found that a big enough floor space with some painters tape to hold down one edge can work...but by all means if you are able to take it to the store GO THERE! lol ;)

    glad you are enjoying quilting so is a wonderful way to express creativity AND offer more warmth to the world. ;)

  3. Ladybug, I thought about the floor this morning, but I think my back would balk at that. I'll take it and let the professionals do the folding and cutting for me. I spend enough money in their shop! And they do it with a smile.
    This is going to be a very warm quilt as this flannel is heavenly soft and full & lushous.

  4. Yes I would for sure take it to the shop and save your back.
    It is going to be wonderfully warm.


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