Monday, October 22, 2007

French Rose Quilt got Her Backing Today

I was able to get flannel backing fabric for my French Rose Quilt today! You can see it above left.

I had a free hour this morning so flew over to Joanne's and got the batting for the middle of the quilt sandwich. It was on sale for 50% off and that is SUCH a good DEAL! I almost bought double, but since I do not know the size of my next quilt, and they have sales often I just took the deal. I also got another handful of Sulky Rayon threads in wonderful colors. I did look at the flannels there and there was one with small roses on green background. Possible for the backing.

Then I went to lunch and had a mango chicken salad and a side of guacamole and healthy chips at Fresh Choice. Read a bit and then since it was now only noon I drove to the quilt shop. I wanted to compare the flannel there to the ones I'd seen at Joannes that were 40% off. I really do trust Connie at the quilt shop...yes, she's an owner and of course she wants to sell her stuff, but I did believe her when she told me she made flannel pants for her daughter (2 pairs) one from Joanne's flannel and one from their flannel and the latter turned out better, lasted, washed up, etc. was superior in every way. Okay, I bought from her. I found this adorable tiny rose bud intertwined with lots of green stems and leaves and a beige background. Really soft and really pretty. I needed A LOT. So it was very pricey. But the good news was that because there was just enough for my needs and it was the end of the bolt I got it for 20% off. So the best stuff and still a good deal! (The 5th Saturday of the month isn't this month after all so can't hang around for that deal & this was nearly as good as that would be.) So I am happy.

The fabric is in the washer now. Will go into the drier next. And maybe I can get the ironing and begin the pinning of it done tonight. Back on roll. I will take the sewing machine to my babysitting day on Friday and sew then too when the kids are napping and after they go to bed in the evening.

Today I practiced drawing free style flowers for the outer border and rounds for the roses themselves. I think I'll do echo stitches in the beige areas between the roses. Not too dense.
The design for the top quilting will all be my own. Getting excited again.


  1. Thank you for the Hug on my blog. and the nice comment on my drawing of my Dad. That meant alot to me to be able to do that drawing with out paint.
    I am in love with your materials you are using on that quilt. I love the colors you use. What I would use too.
    You got some good deals today. good going. My Girlfriend in CA went into JoAnns yesterday for the sale too. JoAnns is the main material store here. We do have a store that carries only quilting materials but since I havent been quilting I've never gone into it.
    Oh and there is always Walmart. ;-)
    Cant wait for the next installment of; AS THE QUILT TURNS. lol I feel like I am reading a really good book and can't wait to get to the next page.
    Happy sewing.

  2. The fabric is really lovely. Soft colours, the roses are beautiful and so are the leaves! A lot of patience, skill, art and endurance is involved here! Happy sewing from me too! Don't get a sore back:)

  3. Thanks Cris and Andrea... I am literally sweating from this sewing...just broke three needles trying to get tension adjusted properly. At least I think that is why they broke. Stopped for now. Too tense.
    Must breathe and relax. Eat some breakfast. It will happen in good time.

  4. I really love the backing flannel - a pair of pj's in that would be cosy too!

  5. Oh yummy! What a wonderful choice for the backing!

  6. Where did you get the pattern? It's lovely.

  7. Lynn got your message. I tried to reply via email but you're set to no-reply I guess. Anyway I posted a photo of a pantograph ... it lays on the table at the back of my Nolting long arm. Hope that helps to explain alittle better. Oh no computerized system for me as I only do it as a Hobby. A very very basic computerized system starts at $12K. Thanks for visiting.


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