Sunday, October 21, 2007

Suki Doll has a Cat

Suki Doll got a cat today. He likes to perch on window sills and this one looks out over a pond where he dreams of fishing. (Or maybe he's sitting on the dock).

Significant scraps: furry fleece cat fabric was originally used for a Doggie pillow for youngest grand daughter. The beige background from French Rose Quilt; the green border and blue/fish is from The Fish Quilt, my first large quilt. I think that other piece the cat is sitting on was just a wrap around some fat squares or something like that. Kind of fun to try to remember where it started.

Cat needs a name. Any suggestions?

My friend Diane had two quilts showing at a quilt show today! Way to go, Diane!


  1. Suki Dolls cat! It has a lovely little nose and tiny ears! Fine collage! I'd call him Hemingway.
    Not very cute this name, though:)

    Have a nice day

  2. The cat is marvelous. I esp like the three freeform squares too below that post. No name comes to mind. Patience? Threads?

  3. hey cute cat. hmmm we watched HOOT last night. got to thinking about it cause of your cute owls. thre was a name in there the boy called himself in the hospital. Ling ho. Suki doll would have a ling ho wouldnt she? It's Cute by what ever you name it.

  4. btw, took you up on your 'seven weird things' offer and it was cathartic.

  5. i like that Suki's doll got joined by a cat. Your creative work is sooooo lovely.
    My aunt had 3 cats when I was young - Wilber (my favourite), Candy and Kitty. Grandma had one called Tiddles.
    My vote is "Wilber" - i have a teddy called that too.

  6. Seems like a mouser to me. Could that be his name, Mouser?


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