Sunday, October 21, 2007

Ten tries, one photo. This is yesterdays creation. "Three Sentimental Squares".

It's been a wonderful Sunday. I spent the morning dressing Suki Doll. And she got posted okay.

Then I cleaned my room. Vacuumed up a ton of thread. Rearranged bags of scraps. Everything looks neat now. Hung up Andrea's Chanukah Mask picture and Suki Doll tracings. My ROOM is starting to take on the look of a studio! ;-) I like that sound. Stu D O. Hey, why not?

Then I needed sewing machine needles so I went to the store. OhMG-D they were having a sale. Needles and the whole notions wall was on sale for 40% off. I had to go get a basket. I got a new ironing board cover with a ruler on it and lines for quilters (circles/angles/etc.) cool cover. I got straight pins and safety pins. I got a ton of threads at 50% off (Sulky, made in Germany, Rayon...fine thread for the work I am doing now.) I got a magazine on Quilters ART. Oh that was at another store I am getting ahead of myself. Okay, at the bookstore I also got The Quilters Bible, filled to the brim with stitches for hand and machine quilting. Lots of ideas there too. Came home and read the sale thingy from the store to find that the batting I need for my Rose Quilt is on sale too. Usually $10 a yd, sale: $4.99 yd. I am going back tomorrow for that. I hope they still have enough. The lines in the fabric store were endless.

Got a very good sandwich at the grocery store (lemon chicken, with fresh basil, roasted red peppers, lettuce tomato, on a fancy roll, forget what she called it, but good crust and chewy in the middle. Also, got a cup of freshly squeezed orange juice. I love that.

Came home and made Suki Doll a cat. Maybe I can post it later. Happy Sunday to all.


  1. What an absolutely happy day you had today, Lynn.

  2. mmmmmmm fabric store sale....:)
    Was it a chain store or just in your area? Have you ever seen Ellen Ann Eddy's thread work?

  3. Had to check back one more time before shutting down for the night. Sounds like you hit the jackpot on the sale. Good job.
    STUDIO sounds good doesnt it? your starting to make me want to do some stitching now.
    Glad you had a great day.
    I posted a picture of my dresser full of my stuffed dolls. Suki wondered where I put them all so I took a picture. Not all are there but most are. ;-)
    Have a great night.

  4. The sale was at Joanne's and runs from Oct. 21-27th. I should get another discount for advertizing it globally here! ;-)

    Will look up ellen Ann Eddy's thread work.

  5. What a day you had. So the shops are open on Sunday! I love the little freestyle squares! They show that you are your way, freestyle is calling:)

  6. Hey sounds like a wonderful day!! We have a Jo Anne's here, maybe they're having a sale too.

    How about Stew Do. Or Stud Oh. Playing on stu dio.


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