Friday, October 12, 2007

Free style sewing brings forth a Couple

Be sure to double click on these to see the details.
# 7 1/2 Big Draw 993 1/2 I was getting my machine ready for tomorrows class when these guys came out of it. Go figure.
I did the one on the right first, and then added color to the cloth to show the details.
Okay, NOW I'm going to bed and read, perchance to sleep! Tomorrow is another day!


  1. Lynn. Firstly want to say you are such a sweet grandma. How lucky your grandkids are for you to make them so many wonderous things by hand as opposed to shopping at Walmart. Ha. Love it that you are breaking out into freestyle sewing. I would never have guessed you are a beginning quilter. Gosh. You're sew good. Thanks for the doll sketch with color. I too am enjoying the sketching but I can see it might fall by the wayside after the challenge of one month for me. I know myself so well by now.

  2. thanx so much for your great comments. i have read lots of your blog and love it, the quilting, the passion flowers, the art attempts, the 'already 60 and still active'. all of it. am adding you to my 'like' list and will be back often. you go girl!

  3. The creative genie was busy last night I see. Darling couple. Such imagination. You are applying your drawing to things already and you can sure maneuver that sewing machine around.
    Cant wait to see more. Have a great lesson today.

  4. Thanks all. I have to tell you something I did. I created a new folder called "Kudos". And each morning is like Christmas morning as a child (a holiday that isn't even mine btw) but I remember the feeling of getting up early to see what we got (for a few early years before I decided I wasn't a Christmas girl, I was a Chanukah girl...but that's a whole other story)...anyway, I come downstairs now each morning to find my Kudos! And I then neatly put them away in their folder to take out later and look at will be great on dreary days (if I ever have another one of's been a while...with all this fun I'm having with all of you!) Thanks again for really Making My Day!

  5. Forever young, thank you so much for coming to my blog to visit. As I made clear I hope, I loved your site too. You are so on track with approaching 60 with vim, vigor, and desire to enjoy life to the hilt (as am I). This is a great attitude/approach/design for life, etc.
    I encourage others to go see your stuff. It's great!!!!

  6. Today I showed my mom your blog and she is so impressed. She finds your garden photos just breathtaking and wants to paint from them. She also wants to meet you!

  7. Kelly, I feel like you just told me the Queen wants to meet me! OHMYG_D! The ARTIST wants to paint my photos! Wow, Oh Gosh! I am so... I don't even know what word to use here. I am speechless.
    If she were to paint that passion flower photo...oh,if...and my dragon fly! Do you think she would?
    Maybe we could do a book together!
    Tell her to learn email quickly so we can talk!!!! The ideas are churning. Thank you so much for telling me this.

  8. You will be a great free-style artist, be sure of that. I'm sure of that:)

  9. They are so cute too, and lovely. your drawing, and a little Andrea influence is seeping through. Fab!

    How exciting that you might hook up creatively with Kelly's Mum... i shall look forward to hearing more of that adventure...

  10. I am shaking my head, Andrea and two who I consider to be true artists in the true sense of the word...I cannot tell you how much your words mean to me.
    And Andrea has be thinking painting fabric...before sewing on it...and I think where to put/do the paint(ing) and just know I will try this too. Maybe next we have a month of Paint Days! Oy!

  11. Yes a month of painting days... excellent! November could be painting month or "THE BIG PAINT".

    La gree!

  12. And I thought my house was messy now...what will it look like with paints involved? OYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!


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