Saturday, October 13, 2007

After a hard day free style quilting...beginners class

#8 /992 Big Draw
I am too tired to even know which Draw Day I am on...too tired to go look it up...The picture says it all. Thanks to everyone for your wonderful words, they make my life so much fuller, and I am so happy to know you all!!! I feel charmed/lucky/blessed/lucky/'s great. Good night, sleep tight. Need to rest my eyes!
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  1. This is an ABSOLUTELY Darling cartoon drawing. You captured every feeling beautifully with a few strokes of the ..colored pencils? Such great imagination. and I love the sign on it. MAKE ART NOT WAR. and I love the idea of the KUDO file. All the nice comments on my work makes me want to do more and more to. I am so glad you joined the drawing circle as I am enjoying your Quilting,fabric projects & imagination immensely

  2. Yes, Cris, colored pencils and one ink pen (green). Glad you liked it. Stole the "sign" from Lizzi.Thanks for more Kudos to put in my folder to save and cheris.

    Thanks all.

  3. This ddrawing is filled with emotion! It tells a story. I like it. And glad you want to sew and or paint outside the lines. Goodness. I do hate it when teachers give rules. But they are made to be broken, I guess.


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