Saturday, October 13, 2007

Flowers for you!

For all my friends here in blogland, art land, Thank You!
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  1. Flowers, lovely flowers, are always a wonderful thing to see.

    Will you draw these too, incorporate them into your quilting ideas?

    I looked back at what you've been doing. Learning and stretching yourself. Fun, Lynn, fun.

  2. Could do...anything is possible. What I do know is I cannot just go sit and rest. I tried. I came back here. Looking for my photo of dragon fly and can't find copy anywhere. you have a copy still? If so could you send it back to me?

  3. Great flowers. Their look has a smell.

  4. Awww Shucks, thanks Lynn. You are too kind! I shall go and put them in some water right now :-)

    Sounds like you've got yourself an artistic high. Yeah Man, Groovy!

  5. Ooooo Lovely Flowers.. are they for MOI? LOL
    Saw your comment, somewhere, about your new outfit for winter. Something I used to do too. Now I NEED it. lol

  6. thanks for the bouquet. Since it's my b-day month, I accept them as part of the gift of life. Beautiful.

  7. Sunflowers!!!! They are just beautiful, thanks Lynn


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