Sunday, October 14, 2007

Owl Couple and Beginning Heirloom Quilting

Perhaps I should have saved this photo for Valentine's Day or something, but just decided to share it now.

Yesterday was like being in an art class of sorts. I felt we were being instructed how to draw with our sewing machines in this beginners Heirloom Quilting free style sewing class. It was laborious, tedious, with instruction to be exact as possible, not cross over any lines, back track over stitches as exactly as possible, but only when you had to for the shortest possible amount of stitches, and so on.

We did learn good techniques so our stitches would stay, and got lots of tips for this quilting process. I have to say I was awed by the stack of finished quilts this woman had made herself. They were perfect and awe inspiring in every way. Some she said she clocked 800 hours to do.

But I knew when I got into quilting that I was never going to be an exact quilter. I knew I wanted to create more "outside the box". So I will learn and even practice her techniques, and maybe even become good at them, but then I want to color outside the lines (I never liked or approved of coloring books for children, too restrictive, not lending to be creative) so in kind I do not want to be restricted either. I want threads to dance around the cloth. And why this RULE that says you can't cross over a line again once drawn. Maybe my quilts will never win the blue ribbons her have won but I will have had a looser time, more fun I think, making mine.

I did sign up for her intermediate class in November.


  1. Wheee! I am all for coloring outside the lines. Brava!

  2. Sweet photo! Any day is worthy of it (not just Valentines).

  3. Absolutely - no colouring inside the lines... way too boring. Learn the rules, and then break them :-)

  4. Did you take this photo! Marvelous. I agree and noted in another comment abt the lines. Down with them. Out of them.

  5. Yes, I took the photo. These owls and many of their family members and friends live near a golf course here in the heart of town on a busy road no less. They are Burrowing Owls and oh so cute. They seem tame as they pose for me as long as I want them too. Squirrels in the same area scurry away but the owls just come out of their holes to say hi.

  6. How Awesome is that about the Owls. I LOVE the photo. Great shot. Its so much fun to capture something in nature like that and they let you too.
    I dont like coloring in the lines either. I cant keep a tight painting I have to do my thing. I hate stencling, would rather paint it free and let it be loose. Has more personality.

  7. This photo is sooooooooooooooo great, It makes my day:) I love owls, and these ones are too cute. Oh, so much in it!
    You will be a great outside the box quilter, that is for sure. It is always good to leave "restricted areas", to go outside, to do what you feel you must do. Hey, great post.


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