Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sunday Walk

I sewed all morning, four rows of five roses each...will return to it soon. But had to get outside.
It's a beautiful day here. And after reading Kelly's blog journal of her time spent in nature I needed some. I wasn't near any water, nor were there turtles to ponder and observe, but I did see some fall leaves, some pretty flowers, and some other things that caught my
eye and some that had meaning just for me. It was a good 40 minute walk, more exercise than I've had in a while. I need to do this more. Happy Sunday.


  1. Yes, we got outside today and it did us the power of good (son and I, husband at work poor dear).

    here's to another great week of drawing and creating...

  2. Love the collage of photos. I played connect the dots with the photos. . . Are you teasing us? lol
    Saw the jelly belly doll. Where did you see that? cool.

    We were outside today too. WORKING. we cut back a tree that got out of hand and was in the electric wires and our neighbors yard, but it was nice out and felt good to be outside even if we were working. Of course I got pix of it all & will post them one of these days soon. lol

  3. I hope you'd "get the jelly belly doll", yes that tease was for you Cris. I saw it on my walk at a garage sale. I had no money in my pockets, not even the quarter she wanted for it. So it stayed there. So did the Werlitzer Music Box bank, That's a flash to my past too. As was the San Jose State license plate. The first college I went to for a semester before dropping out of school. The wire fence reminded me of quilting.
    Just liked the rest of it for no particular reasons.

  4. Funny how before I did that drawing you would never have thought two seconds about that JB doll. Interesting isnt it?

    You see things in shapes and objects. That is a very creative mind going all the time. I am hoping some might rub off on me checking out your blog. ;-)

    Yes lots of work on the quilt but it is going to be so gorgeous.

    Thanks for the picture 'thought' of JB Doll.

  5. You are welcome Cris. Right you are...not a thought. Connections...hands around the

    Soppy, but true. In my book anyway.

  6. Thanks for sharing your sunday walk! It seems that we all were out this weekend:) Need air? me too. nice photos, the collage is a good idea! (Will copy that if I may?);)
    Have a nice monday

  7. Enjoyed your quilt like tour of your walk. Esp the bridge painting.

  8. Get out more, get out more. This is my own lesson to myself from the last few days. Thank you for sharing your walk.


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