Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween to everyone.
My last sketch of the Big Draw done quickly in my office while waiting on the phone this evening for one of three AT&T guys to help me get a modem set up in my office so I can have DSL there...Didn't happen! Groan.

Sketch depicts what I saw around me today, employees at lunch time in the bakery in costumes as Hippies, and cats, and beauty queens, kids on the street all dressed up, grown ups too, mom's and kids in matching costumes. Teenagers working in the grocery store where I went to buy my candy tonight garbed as gypsies, and witches. No one knocking on my door yet, so we may be eating miniature Butterfingers and Tootsie Pops all week long. Right now I am getting high on Dark Chocolate Peanut M & Ms. Bought those for ME!

The Big Draw was fun. Thanks Lizzi for bringing me into it...and everyone for your Kudos that I hold tight to my heart.

I'll be on the Create Everyday bandwagon! See you there!

These M & M's are really good. I am sure they will help my creative spirit sew tonight! Hobgobblins on the quilt maybe? We shall see!
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  1. Hi Lynn, Will you be able to sleep tonight? I hope some little ghouls came by to get some of the treats you gathered for them. Annie

  2. I can just see it.. A sugar high free style quilt..;-) Your drawing's a hoot. I can't believe this month is gone & we are done with the Big Draw. Can't wait to see what everyone comes up with in Novembers Create art a day.
    Catch ya there. :-)

    Oh & thanks for the compliment on my Tree painting..Big League?.. wow. Thanks. Lets talk big heads here... LOL

  3. Annie, sleep? You were right. I was up around 3 a.m. I am guessing reading a book in bed. Tummy hurt a bit, and no I could not sleep. Won't do that again anytime soon (I hope).

    Cris, the quilt got a few more squares done. Not sure it got too psychedelic...just more of the same. I look at this piece and wonder...I am not a "pink type" at all, I am not flowery or "Lady-Like" either. But I sure like what I am making here. It must be tapping into some well hidden part of me, maybe slightly Victorian? A past life maybe? LOL

  4. How interesting about the quilt and what you are not. Sometimes things lay dormant inside us and come out at the least expected times and places. I always decorated rather bla.. or SAFE. until my Mom died & my hubby said, "CANT WE HAVE SOME COLOR?? I FEEL LIKE WE'RE LIVING IN A HOSPITAL".. Well that did it. I just brought my love of Gardening inside with the pinks and florals. Maybe that's what you have done with the quilt.

  5. Your 'free sewing/quilting' and drawing/sketching are merging into one ... I like it!
    A good month, here's to the next... :-)


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