Thursday, November 1, 2007

Be Creative Every Day

Back to my first love photography...I will show my creativity with favorite photos I have taken this year whilst sewing quietly behind the scenes!

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  1. Oh this is adorable. Where did you get this shot. so cute.
    I hope your going to share with us your work on the quilts.
    You must have an excellent camera. what kind is it?

  2. What you're saying "whilst" now too? Catching isn't it? I like yr camel and look fwd to seeing your photo display.

  3. This LLAMA came to visit our town for a kids fest in the park a few weekends ago. They are raised locally I believe.

    Of course I will continue to share work on the quilt. Broke a needle this morning. Cleaned the bobbin box, added new threads. Ready for class tomorrow.

    I've two cameras. The old one that moves slowly between shots is a Fuji 3800. It still takes very good pictures. And it's light weight.

    My newer one is a Cannon Rebel Xti. That's the one I got the extended zoom for. It's quite a bit heavier. But has a fast photo to photo advance.

    Yes, Suki, I did notice the desire to say "whilst" for the very first time in my life! LOL Yes, it's catching and charming too don't you think? We can learn a bit from those folks we so wanted/needed our independence from all those many years ago!

  4. What a cute llama! Looking forward to seeing more of your photos!

  5. Great photo - gorgeous Llama face!

  6. Thanks for correcting my misperception re camel vs Llama. I'm making so many mistakes lately whereas my perception of myself in earlier years is one of precision. Now I am very imprecise.

  7. This is a cute Lama, I love its expression! It looks funny and intelligent. The colours are beautiful too;


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