Thursday, November 1, 2007

Froggie Costume Up Date!

A personal catch up!
I ate too much candy last evening and did wind up paying for it with a belly ache and not being able to sleep (As Annie suggested might happen, smart Annie!, Silly Lynn!) I was reading a book at three a.m.

The little kids had a fun Halloween. They wore their froggie costumes to Pre-school and even did some hopping and ribbit-ing at circle time when telling what they were for Halloween!
They changed later in the day for trick o treating...DD said. The little girl turned from a frog into a ballerina, and the little boy was half frog (pants) and half Superman in his red cape with the big S on it that I'd hemmed for him. Before bed ballerina turned into a lady bug, last years cute costume! The little boy wasn't too much into going out until he was told what the trick o treating was for. Then she said he couldn't go fast enough and didn't want to go home. Now the task will be for DD and SIL to dole out just ONE candy a night after dinner. I hope they don't get to eat it all as she said they brought home quite a haul. They should not get tummy aches like Silly Grandma did!

French Rose Update:

One half or 20 squares completed in free motion sewing!


  1. Oh sorry abt the belly ache, but once a year maybe the indulgence is worth it although we are soon entering the big indulgent times of the year.

    Like your solution to showing the costumes without the faces. Made me chuckle.

  2. Good job on the quilt. moving right along I see. Are you taking it with you today? or working on something else at class?
    How did you do the pix cropping.. good job. how cute on the costume changes. They loved them all it seems.
    I answered about the DSL on my post. I am hopeful it will be here soon. But a sqeaky wheel has been known to get the oil first soooo.. a little nagging might help. :)

  3. Picture cropping for Cris:
    I use Picasa for photos and cropped the photo twice, exporting it after each cropping to get this effect.

  4. thanks.. but what is EXPORTING IT mean?


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