Friday, November 2, 2007

Bearded Iris and Heirloom Quilting

Evening Post:

The piece on the left of the page is what we worked on in the Intermediate Heirloom Class today. I learned many things. I learned not ever to put mono-filiment thread in a bobbin (it looks like fishing line)...I learned that I do not like following the lines of a pattern with my sewing machine. (The blue lines will wash out, and only the stitching will remain. There is way more sewing to do on this. I will very probably sew more "outside the box" using different colored thread I am thinking for the flowers and leaves decorating to my taste a bit. Unless I decide not to finish it at all. If I can dress it up and I like the results I'll take it to my mom-in-law for Xmas).

I learned that I like my own "inner drummer" better and best and will continue doing my own free-style sewing. I also liked sewing with a group of women and laughing with them. I liked the camaraderie. I learned that all day long is too long to sew and learn. I came home a little early. My back is sore now and needs a rest. Maybe I'll stretch out on the floor and read a good book!

The free style/free motion quilting of the Rose Quilt top is half done. Yes, I took it to the class today. Yes, it got rave reviews! I was told everything from "You are an artist, to you should enter this in a show (for beginner quilters)...and lots in between. Needless to say, I could not get my head in my car to drive home. Just would not fit. Three of my "teachers" saw it and each one said something more wonderful than the one before her (at different times). Yes, I feel very proud. And very creative. And now I feel I have permission to open up the flood gates and sew, sew, sew artfully!

Morning Post:

Bearded Iris on a Rainy Day!

"Raindrops are falling on my head..."

(I grew the flower and I took the photo! Be sure to click this one, it's awesome enlarged!)

I'm off to the intermediate Heirloom quilting class this morning.
I will bring my creation of the day home from there and post it.

Yes, I have packed the Rose Quilt to SHOW where I am so far...this is a very brave thing to do,
as this teacher brings in stacks of prize winning quilts she's made where every stitch is the same size and perfect front and back...
But I know her to be kind with her words so am not too worried of being chastised for my imperfections.
I keep telling myself "I am a beginner, I am a beginner...and I am not about perfection".

Have a creative day!

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  1. Beautiful photo. Indeed perfection is not what it's all about. Pouring your soul into this creativity is where it's at, and that is just what you do.

  2. You have one fantastic camera along with the eye to use it. Wow.
    That is gorgeous.
    Hope your Teacher loves your quilt as much as we do.

  3. HI Lynn,
    I will print out your instructions and reread them when I can comprehend something. then I will ask if I need to.. thanks.
    I was very busy art wise today. sure does make me want to go sleep. ;)
    We are going out tonight & I might not get back on till morning so if I dont comment on anything new I will tomorrow. ;) I cant wait to hear all about your quiting today.

  4. I had to check before leaving... Did you have your head thru the sunroof driving home?? lol Well you deserve the praise.. that is one awesome quilt.. oh dear.. can you fit thru the bedroom door now? ;) No really it is. KUDOS on learning you can do what you like & it be beautiful.
    Did they supply the thing you worked on or did you buy it.. What is it.. Is it a small quilt or a sampler??

  5. Cris you make me laugh. Thanks.

    The "thing" we made is a small "wall hanging" or pillow top I suppose it could also be; I made it by "sandwiching" or layering a top fabric/middle batting/and backing fabric together, then tracing a pattern on to the top fabric, then sewing through all three layers going over the lines of the pattern picture. Then adding a grid of lines around the original picture that were then sewn in/around in some pattern (not done yet)...Does this help?

  6. Fabulous that you received so many accolades for your rose quilt, but no surprise. We all thought it quite wonderful. You are really flying with the quilts.

    Lovely photo and flower. How nice to live somewhere where the flowers are still in bloom.

  7. How did you get the Art Every Day info on your blog? I got the logo but would like the put the info too and tried copy paste but it didnt work.

  8. Suki, Thanks again for your continued praise for my "work".

    About Create every day: I did use copy/paste from Leah's site to get her words on my page. I then edited them.(added quilting!) I pasted them into new page element and then edited there. The logo was more difficult but I finally figured that out too. Good luck.

    Flower: The Iris' are not blooming now, this is an older photo from earlier this year. I do have purple sage blooming and lavendar however! And some orange daisy looking flowers. Not sure what they are called. Oh, and lots of morning glories. Lots of purple in my yard right now.

  9. love your sense of humor, lynn!!

    the quilt pieces look wonderful!

  10. Oh, my! Thanks for the reminder to click the photo--what a beauty that one is, when enlarged!

    We have a little girl dachshund who thinks she is a cat, and she would have been right there on the quilt, too. She loves to wait until my wife gets up from her comfy place in the den, and jump up there to enjoy the warm spot just vacated.

  11. Wow, you are right, this looks great enlarged!

  12. Wonderful flower, with pearls! It looks as if it wanted to be painted:)


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