Saturday, November 3, 2007

Found Legs & Regained Machine

This poor woman, I tried to help her I really did, but it was too late! (Or is this the Wicked Witch of the West?)
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This cat really thinks this quilt is for him! I got my sewing machine out of the shop today!
Finally. And this is to show I was being creative today as the sign says.......>
A few more squares done!


  1. Too funny!!!! Did you set this up or come upon it?

  2. Suki, I found her across the street and up a ways from our house! Quite a sight! Someone's Halloween decoration! It sort of took my breath away at first sighting. LOL

  3. LOL.. Thats what I thought when saw that pix of the legs up.. The wicked Witch in Dorothys Oz. How funny.. Good shot.

    I love the cat on the quilt. I think he has decided that you are doign it for him...but hey, he has good taste. ;-)
    That quilt is going to be your indoor garden. That's what it reminds me of. Flowers in a garden.

    I did a drawing this after noon but my back has been in spasms all day so If I can get down to photograph it I will post it but if not it will be tomorrow. I did post a photo so I did do something creative today.

  4. Of course the quilt belongs to your cat.

  5. Lynn, Your Chuzpah is forgiven. Would you come and do it for me. I have no clue how to.
    Will my lip quivering help?? LOL
    I wish there were no fence there it ruins the shot.
    Would you believe you missed my drawing for today & I actually like it. Your comments came in as I was getting it on my blog. Thanks for them by the way.

  6. Cris: Go retake the photo tomorrow and just aim over the fence! ;-) Easy!

  7. No can do. I did try to take it over the fence but the bushes are close to the fence & tall & block out the tree AND I didn't take it today..The tree has lost all its leaves. :)

  8. Dont be silly. Nothing to apologize for. I've wished that fence weren't there too. but then I COULD paint it and it would be gone. Right? ;)Might do that some day.

  9. LOL at the legs!!! :-)) funny1

    Glad you got your machine back at last. the cat looks right at home :-)

    I tried to send that email yet again but it keeps getting bounced back again - wasn't meant to be obviously! Oh well.

  10. Wow. You almost finished this quilt! It really looks as it takes a 100 years to do such a thing! And the cat is cute,

    Nice legs!


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