Sunday, November 4, 2007

Purple Sage Like Velvet and Album making

If you enlarge this photo it looks a bit like a big soft purple centipede crawling across the page!
Purple sage like velvet abounds in my backyard right now. I love to "pet it"/stroke it, as it's so soft to the touch.

My creativity for today will be less noticeable, less bloggable you might say. I'll be busy sorting CDs of photos for the past year of my grandchildren (the two youngest), which I will then upload to MY PUBLISHER on line to make a photo album. I do this every year since they were them, their parents, other grandparents a pictorial record of their sweet lives.

It's fun to write in there too what they have grown to be able to do and say since they came into this world three short years ago prematurely. At that time they weighed 2.5 and 3 pounds respectively, had to stay in the "Nikki-U" for six weeks before big enough to go home. So tiny we could hold one in a palm of our hand. Now they are normal sized, bright, intelligent, healthy little beings who bring tremendous joy to many lives.


  1. This is beautiful. I had some in CA but havent really hunted for them here. Maybe next spring as I love the feel of them too and their heartiness.
    Oh My.. such tiny babies and both of them too... So Happy they are fine now.
    That is such a nice thing to do with the CD pictures. If it gets a bit nicer today we might get out to clean up the leaves in the yard. Create a clean lawn. How's that? LOL
    Have fun.

  2. Beautiful! I have never seen this plant.

  3. This is a gorgeous plant. I wish i could touch it. Never seen one. Love the color.

  4. Have I mentioned that purple is my favourite colour? Lovely, lovely flower!

  5. Lynn,
    What an honor to see your site. It's nice to get to know you in a more personal way. Love the hand drawing! Can't wait to see the rose quilt. Keep up the good work!

  6. Barb, you will make everyone here jealous, as you will actually have the opportunity to SEE and TOUCH the rose quilt! Thank you so much for coming in to see my blog. I am the one who is honored!


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