Sunday, November 4, 2007

Sunday Walk in the Park

My Sunday walk: next door neighbors are selling their home...we'll miss them, been there 20 years. I just walked down the street past the school, saw kids out playing in the park, kids swinging, riding bikes, scooters, parents and kids, a teen couple on the curb talking, a football game in process on the lawn, the sun was out, flowers in bloom as you can see, and the sky blue. Families barbecuing too. It's that nice out. My body needed to move after sitting at the computer and sewing machine all morning and early afternoon. Hope your day was/is as good.

Creative Day update: Besides photography, I sewed on the rose quilt. Thirty one squares complete, nine to go! // Second Update: 35 done, 5 to go. I am stopping for now...I think... ;-)
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  1. Geat photos Lynn! What a beautiful day!!

  2. I can see fall colors there too. That was a nice virtual walk. ;)

    I spent the afternoon working on my slide show.. figuring it out & putting all my drawings for the Big Draw on it. Took me a LOOOONG time too. argh... Now I am knitting on a scarf I started a year or so ago. Guess I will have to photograph that.
    I Like how you do the Picture collage. Cool.

  3. Thanks for the virtual walk through your territory. Looks lovely. I too like the quilted look of your photo collage. Be well.

  4. Great photos, looks like a nice friendly place. Sunny too :-)

    Whoooosh! Can't believe just how fast you get your sewing done.... just amazing. No really Lynn, amazing!!!


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