Monday, March 12, 2012

"Bag Lady" Published!

This is the me I never want to become.
 I don't want to be the old woman in shabby clothing pushing her "borrowed grocery cart" with all her
 belongings stuffed inside...
 Seth Apter from the blog: The Altered Page, put out a request to artists (is it a year ago now?) for possible submissions for a book he was writing based on something he did on his blog called Taking the Pulse of Mixed Media artists...
 And part of the book was a list of questions to be answered. I chose to answer and create a piece  that answered: "What is your biggest fear?"
My words about this are in the book along with the art.
 If you have followed my blog from it's inception you know I am a person who dabbles in lots of different art mediums. I was first and foremost a maker of art quilts.
 I joined groups collaborating in traveling art books...I made ATCs...and paper and fabric post cards... I tried my hand at wax, and art journaling...and more recently I focus on drawing and watercolor and ink and so when asked to contribute a mixed media piece it was easy for me to mix paper and fabric and sew and stamp creating this poor soul who I call "Bag Lady".

Seth Apter's book is called The Pulse of Mixed Media: Secrets and Passions of 100 Artists Revealed.
I am proud to be one of the 100 artists.
(my bag lady is on page 128)

This book is unlike any art book I have ever seen.
It is not only full of the wonderful art work of so many amazing artists
(you undoubtedly will be familiar with many of them, and will want to get to know about
all the ones you do not yet know; and the book links you to their blogs and websites)
but it's also about their words, their feelings, their thoughts and their emotions.

I told Seth last night in an email that reading the book was a bit like
"Open Mike Therapy"!
(my little joke)

I got my copy from  I understand that Barnes and Nobles has some on order; and you can even get it for your Kindle. But for me flipping the pages and holding the book in my hands is an incredible experience. I might add that this is my first art work published in a book. (One of my art quilts got published in a calendar in New Zealand a few years ago.)

So I am just a little bit over the moon with the excitement of it all.

deep breath!

Thank you Seth!
PS: Addendum April 3. 2012
"Bag Lady" has sold to a blog friend in London, England
and is on her way to her now!
She asked for it after learning it was published in Seth's book!
How cool is that?!


  1. how wonderful - I am off to buy that book. I love bag lady - she's so good.

  2. Congratulations Lynn, I'm going to Google Seth Apter...and your Bag Lady is brilliant!

  3. Wonderful work Lynn, and congratulations! I think it is my biggest fear too.

  4. I think this is the perfect piece to be in a book asking that question. I think this is a fear for many of us. Especially us of the retirement period of our lives. Limited incomes are a scary thing.

  5. Lynn...congratulations! To me, this is one of your most powerful creations. The mixed media adds so much emotion and realism. Seth has a good eye for truly meaningful work!

    Brava Lynn!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  6. This is REALLY REALLY good. Congrats for being published. How fun. It sure goes with going to help the homeless last weekend and that wasnt even planned.

  7. congratulations!!! this peice is amazing!!!

  8. congratulations. Yes, piece is wonderful esp in light of your recent day of handing out food and clothes to the homeless. I have been following Seth's blogging about 31 of the artists in the book. I didnt know you were in there too. Fabulous.

    1. I am Suki, I'm not one of the 31, but I am in there! ;-)
      I think you'd enjoy the book very much.

  9. Oh Lynn !!!!!! How cool is this! No wonder you are over the moon!
    What fun to be published in such an amazing collection in a book!
    Congratulations! Enjoy this feeling, which I imagine is wonderful!

  10. Congratulations, Lynn, on the book! I've just visited your blog for the first time, after reading your response to my post on Artists' Journal Workshop. I LOVE your spirit and your creative range! What a good life you've made for yourself.

  11. Congratulations. I am so happy for you. I haven't seen the book yet. I hope to see it soon. I LOVE, LOVE your bag lady. But I have to confess. I don't think YOU will ever become a bag lady!!

  12. CONGRATULATIONS! This is a wonderful piece ... a touch of humor in an otherwise real fear many of us have! Of course it belongs in a published book ... the kind you can buy in a big book store! You deserve this! It is wonderful news indeed! Congratulations!

  13. congratulations, lynn. that is so great. it;s easy to imagine how you must feel holding that book in your hand.

    this bag lady is great. her bag is great!

    keep it up, girl


  14. CONGRATULATIONS! What a well deserved honor!!! Love your work!!!

  15. Thank you so very much Lynn for sharing you art with me for the book...but even more for sharing a part of yourself. I am thrilled that this powerful piece is included and happy that I am able to show your work to more people. What an amazing adventure, right?

  16. OMG how fabulous this news is!
    And "Bag Lady" certainly is deserving,,,,I adore her!

  17. Lynn thats amazing ...well done ...well deserved too lovely piece ....I am so thrilled for you ......xx

  18. She is amazing, even though she is quite sad! I will definitely check out the book.
    Thank you so much for the comment you made about my 'signature frame line'. Having my style recognized is the greatest compliment of all!!!
    Your creations are sensational.
    Happy Creating.

  19. How totally totally thrilling! I'm going to have to get myself a copy...And then I have to meet you in real life so you can sign it!

    I understand the not wanting to be the bag lady, but--the sentiments stamped all around the edges are good ones. I work hard at incorporating them into my life, and hopefully am teaching my kids, too.

    I am so excited for you! Now I can say I knew you when! (I was one of your early blog visitors, right?)

  20. Lynn I saw this on FB this morning and just had to pop in to read all about it! Wonderful news, wonderful piece! Many congratulations on being a part of this wonderful project!

  21. Wow Lynn, this is awesome. Bag lady looks so sad, I just feel like hugging her! You have used the different mediums so well, it all blends in perfectly :)

  22. Thank you everyone for your support and encouragement and congratulations!
    I'm happy to have you all in my life!

  23. I am a little late on my comment...First congratulations on being published, what a wonderful feeling this must be. And the bag Lady is so have made art....something that touches the heart and makes us think. I thought about what scares be continued when I find away to share it. Loads of Hugs, Mary

  24. Your bag lady is just great, Lynn! I love her...done on paper bag...just fantastic! You are amazing!!! I have to send a friend over to check it out...Jan is a mixed media artist also, at Dandelion and Daisy. She is always busy (just like you), doing all sorts of stuff!!!

  25. Thanks to Julie, I've been introduced to you, your blog and your incredible work! Congratulations on being selected for Seth's book...I can't imagine how excited you are! Love the bag lady! I am putting you on my blog roll.....I'll be back.

  26. Lynn, What fantastic idea for a book. You should be so proud of the piece you submitted. I'm thrilled for you!

  27. I just have to secure a copy of this, I'm heading to barnes right now, well done!

  28. You and your work are wonderful.....very deserving. I am so proud of you and so glad Seth made the perfect choice in selecting Bag Lady!

  29. Lynn, this piece is (in my opinion and taste) one of your absolute best and more than worthy of being chosen for publication in this book. How very exciting for you!!! I especially love the way you balance things... some areas are busy and others are calm and solid, giving relief for the eye. I love the balance, again, between the text that creates a simple border and the text that forms a fill pattern (not me! not me!). I also love how her basket and the stuff in it is loose and symbolic rather than too tight and representational. Brilliant work!

  30. This is just the best news ever! What a brilliant piece of work Lynnie, and what a 'mitzvah' to be published too. i am going to try and get the book from Amazon. Love this piece---are you going to sell it?

  31. Okay, hopefully third time's the charm. I'm not having much luck commenting here!

    Love the piece--wonderful texture, and the movement is terrific, all leading to the "not me".

    What a thrill to be published! And you deserve it. Your work is amazing.

    I feel like I've been 'around' your blog since almost the beginning--can't wait to see what's to come...

  32. I loved your 'bag lady' in the book. It's been fun reading everyone's answers to the questions and seeing everyones work is so inspiring.

  33. What a great piece of art. Facing our fears, naming them, giving the shape and color is a brave move. Thanks for taking that step!


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