Sunday, March 11, 2012

Humble Pie

In the morning we rose early to be in Sacramento by 8 a.m.
My DH had volunteered himself to help some of his students with a project they are involved in helping the homeless. I decided to volunteer myself as well.
It was a church group who organized everything and I would not have believed what they did if I had not participated and seen it with my own two eyes.
They (about forty people including kids old enough to be really helpful) unloaded tons of bags of clothing, blankets, toiletries into the middle of a huge room; they then sorted by type/gender/size; and loaded all that into a truck to be taken to another location. They also made fresh sandwiches and loaded bins full of lunch bags each with a big sandwich, an orange, a bag of cookies and a bag of chips and a fruit juice drink and a napkin. Also loaded into the truck.
All this in just under one hour!

Then the group proceeded to a street where they set up tables; laid out the clothing where the homeless people awaited them. People stood in neat long lines and waited patiently to be given their lunches and picked out the clothing/bedding/toys/they wanted/needed. Again in record time. They do this twice a month! Other churches do it the alternate weeks so those in need are fed and clothed regularly.
At least the ones who can get themselves to these places.

I did not take any photos while there. Nor did I draw any picutres.
I drew the picture I put on top here later from memory.

We went on to do some shopping of our own afterwards.
Let me say that what we shopped for after that experience makes me feel just a bit sick to my stomach.
We might be the last or nearly the last of the Great American Society not yet to own a TV larger than
We went looking at LARGE TVs.
Those NEW THINGS that allow you to have your very own Movie Theater in your home!
Think 40"...55"... 60"....65 inches....they even have one that is 70"!
It's daunting.
It's disgusting.
It's decadent.

And we want one.

[I feel like I should be ashamed to even write this]

DH visited a music store and I waited in the car and drew this house I saw out the car window.
A kind of Spanish hacienda style I think it is.

And when we came home later I painted it.

Before we came home we stopped in Davis for lunch.
I drew this table of four and two cooks in the background.

And then we really went home...and I painted this one too.

It wasn't until I was painting this that I realized what I had written on the back of this young mans' sweat shirt! Was he really the editor of the UC Davis Law Review? Probably! And the other guy sitting next to him? You can't tell from this drawing, but when he stood up he must have been 6' 9" or 10" or maybe even 7 feet tall. He was really tall! They were all fun to draw. The lunch was good. I came home and tonight after checking a lot of blogs I watched something good on TV on our 24" -er and was happy we had that!


  1. I feel decadent watching my 32" TV with its very own remote control. I am very impressed with the spirit of giving that took place that you got to experience up close and personal this week. I wish we had something like that here. Our homeless live under the bridges and we've had a few of them killed in the last few months. It is just SO, SO sad. I'm glad you have a much happier scenario.

    I especially liked the house you drew. I felt drawn into the scene. Wonderful.

    1. Are you sure no one in your town is helping the homeless? No Salvation Army or church groups? Maybe you could get like minded souls and start something? Just a thought.
      We saw people living under bridges there too.

      Glad you liked my house. Thanks for your sweet comment about it.

  2. you have a gift Lynnie, like to go out and copy people in a quickie sketch then paint them later. I wish I could do that. Mind you- here in London people would be highly offended if I did that.

    1. Thanks. I find your reponse so interesting. No one has yet to approach me about what I am doing. The woman in the center of yesterday's drawing looked at me several times and I looked away. I think that is why I drew her with eyes closed. ;-)But now one has yet to complain...gosh I hope that never happens.

  3. We just this past year got one of those big tvs. I too wasn't too enthused about getting it. It is nice though. It would be sobering to help with the homeless. One should be grateful for everything because it takes very little circumstance to end up in one of those lines.
    Love your sketches.

    1. Thanks Lisa about my sketches.
      I am sure we will love our transition to a large screen when we finally do it. We love theater/acting/good films/costumes/etc. And DH loves to watch sporting events, nature, and history. So I am excited to have this opportunity to see it all this way. Besides, my eyes are aging...I'll be able to see more detail than ever before. Don't you just love all my justification! LOL

      And yes, we are each of us very possible candidates for being in those lines. I've seen so many clients lose homes and jobs this past few years. I dread having to go on a fixed income.

  4. that was a good day.Beautiful work as well.

    1. Thanks Laurie for coming by and for your sweet words.

  5. lovely that you got out to help the homeless and the kids did too. nothing takes one up by the bootstraps like seeing how so many people have to live on the streets. so sad.

    tv's. I finally bought one about 13 years ago 12". But currently I use my Mom's 17" TV. Only not for TV programs. Which I dont subscribe to. Just for netflix. I will never buy a new TV unless one of these two goes kaput. However, I admit I like the flatness of the new TV's rather than the fat glunkiness of the old.

    1. yes, helping felt good. I want to do it more often. There is such a need.
      I have a neighbor who serves Thanksgiving dinner with her church each year for the needy. Makes so much sense.

      I'm fine with the TV we have and in fact have been fighting the change since it still works just fine. But but but...pressure from DH is finally taking hold. I'm sure it will be enjoyable once in place.

  6. These are great seeing them with and without color. Lisa is right.. we do need to be grateful for everything daily as we are only a pay check or two away from being in the same circumstances. Nice to see those helping the homeless and needy. We dont have any of the new TVs either.. until ours breaks I guess we wont. They keep coming down in price as the years progress..:) Very thoughtful post today.

  7. Awesome project, it's always amazing what people can accomplish for good. We don't have the big tv either. We planned to get one last year for the superbowl but our dryer broke so that came first. I'm happy with our old tv. :)
    I love your work Lynn! I could totally see you illustrating a book♥
    Happy Weekend my friend!

    ps: you asked about the symbol on the womans arm I painted. It's supposed to be the chinese symbol for strength. ;)

  8. Shopping sure feels different after that morning, I can very well understand that. When I realize the things I worry about... and these people don't even have enough to eat...

    At least our TV is under 20 inches... I'm happy with that, but hubby would love something bigger (and we almost never watch TV! so why?)

    Your watercolors are fabulous - as usual. It's so much fun to look at them. I really like the Spanish hacienda - wish we could find something here.

  9. This sounds like a very worthwhile time helping others, I guess it helps us too as the experience makes us realise how lucky we are, yes? In recent years I helped a lot with a Charity, my word, it was emotionally rewarding.

  10. Came back to see the newest addition to this post .. your mornings work at the Church drawing from memory. Pretty good.. I can visualize it better this way.

  11. lynn, i just love seeing your sketches before and after you color them in. i learn a lot from you :^)

    it is so great to be part of giving. the quick organizing you describe reminds me of my stint with the red cross in new orleans. we worked 16 hour days and man did we get things done. no time to decide, just to do what needed to be done first.

    wishing you a good week, lynn

  12. I have to remember all the time that I am not a saint, am human, and while I can enjoy my indulgences, should be thankful for my luck/blessings everyday. And for those that can do that awesome work as you described - that is amazing! What organization and love pours thru their work.

    Love the house drawing/painting.

  13. Delightful! I like your straightforward use of colour. Very refreshing style.
    Happy Painting.

  14. This sound like a very nice charity effort. How generous everyone is. Love it.
    Great sketches of your weekend. You are really cranking them out.

  15. Good to do some charity work - a speedy operation this one! You have become quite the fearless sketcher too! Super!


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