Monday, November 5, 2007

Create Every Day...drawings

I finally sat down last night and watched some TV. Masterpiece Theater has a show about a woman Prime Minister. I started sketching her and some others on the show. None of them were there long enough to really capture them, but these are my renditions done quickly with lots of ad libs.

This is a quick idea for a next quilt square...Want something I can do some handwork, and embellishments on.

And this idea I took from 'Bad Faere', who painted a beautiful hand. See her Blog.
Mine is more a "self portrait" (of sorts)...Fun to do. At least, I'm still using my sketch book.

Did I mention that there are only five more squares, one row, of roses left to top quilt?
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  1. These are all great. I love the hand the best. I love your green thumb with the flowers growing out of it. and the drawings were good Caricatures & I think well done. Lots of imagination in all you did even the quilt piece.

  2. Oh, I like your idea for the next quilt. Neato bandito.

  3. Your quilted hand is fun. And i like your idea for a new quilt. bravo for all the hard work you have put into the rose quilt. Hard to stop sketching once one gets started isnt it? Thanks for all the comments on my blog. There are SO many participants in the AED challenge that I tend to look at the folks in the big draw and then a few others but can't possibly look at them all and comment.

  4. Great faces! Top left looks like Cherie Blair, nightmare wife of our ex-Prime Minister (but then he is a nightmare too!!)

    Really love the hand - groovy!

    Glad you are still being creative everyday... I'm JUST keeping my hand in!

  5. I love those little character sketches, drawing under time constraints obviously suits you.
    And I love your hand drawing, much more colourful than mine - the textile artist shining through in you again!
    Sounds like you're on the home straight with that rose quilt :)
    I saw a beautiful quilt by The Mistress of Longears the other day -
    It really shows how some judicious embellishments can lift a piece. Love those yellow stitches!

  6. Thanks all for your wonderful Kudos. Collecting and loving it.

    Thanks Bad Faery for directing me to Mistress Longears. Her quilts look to be hand done. Do you know if this is so? The embroidery and bead work is certainly so. I will be following her lead as this is my next direction/turn in the road.
    I want to do a landscape quilt too.

    On to sewing...

  7. i love how the hand came out! very cool.

  8. Hi Lynn, great sketches of the faces you saw on TV, this is so difficult as they vanish so fast. The Quilt sketch is great too and I love the hand and it's details, the stitching, the "married"-ring:). A hand quilt ? Have a nice day,

  9. RE: Miss Longears - the fabric looks hand dyed, and there's certainly some batik work going on.

  10. I'm looking at "my hand" again and remembering a day my sister in law and I were in Nantucket...and we went into a shop and there was fingernail polish out and we each painted our nails like this, a different color on each nail. it was a fun day. I haven't thought of that in a long time, and certainly not when I was drawing the picture. Interesting how the brains stores stuff and brings it out in bits and pieces when we need it.

    More thanks!

  11. reminds me of the beautiful painting done on indian ladies' hands at diwali time. happy diwali to you all.


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