Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Create another day!

Coming home and watching some TV after sewing, nothing good on
so decided to draw instead...

Eye-hand coordination came to mind this morning, not sure what the lips are saying...maybe nothing since they are closed...It also could be coming from the harassment movie mentioned above...everyone was seeing what was going on, but no one would speak up for fear of losing their jobs..maybe the flowers inside the hand represent the women workers...hard working, strong and yet feminine too (inside).
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  1. What a beautiful image of the hand and tendrils.

  2. Fun drawings. How fun to see what comes out of ourselves when we have a blank paper and pens, pencils and color. Good job
    You used the whole paper.. Something that kids do naturally and we lose when we become adults.
    After the age of 12 we start getting structured and lose that free feeling. You must have some inner child still going inside. Good for you.

  3. I REALLY like your hand drawings... I can see these developing further. More? A Quilt? A painting?

    I snet another email to the other address, and it hasn't bounced back yet... fingers crossed!

  4. Pondering all your words...
    Judy, welcome and thanks too.

  5. Your hand drawings are so interesting! I love this one too, it is so very hope- and peaceful.
    I'm living in a sort of cloud right now due to the cold and not so good at commenting, but will be back soon with re-sharpened senses:)

    Have a great day, creative and colourful,

  6. eye hand co-ordination is so very important. you are no longer getting your feet wet, you're soaking by now. very picasso-ish and i love picasso.

  7. Andrea, I do hope you are feeling well soon. Colds can make one just miserable! So sorry.
    Thanks for your words here. They are much appreciated.

    FY: I can see by your signature picture that you love Picasso!
    Yes, I am up to my ankles now at least! Quite soggy! ;-)Your words mean a lot too. Thanks!

  8. Creativity just flows from you! I'm happy you continue to draw.

  9. Hand eye and closed lip drawing very powerful.


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