Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Angry Woman

There was a movie on TV about women who were being terribly sexually harassed in a mining job...true story...and this "angry woman" evolved on paper while I was watching...
Incase you were wondering...I've 2 squares to go on the rose quilt...tonight? Probably.
Last night I free style sewed my name and 2007 on one corner, small.
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  1. Wow Lynn, you can sure express yourself drawing. Good job. Your a natural. Really.
    You mentioned on my blog the picture I drew yesterday in regards to the Friend issue being right on. My painting after my Mom Died was one of the most colorful paintings I had done at that point. It was a flower garden with garden chairs, tables and lots of colorful flowers and white fences. It was what my Mom would have called SWEET. sugary in content of color.. It was huge and I entered it in the Orange County Fair and Sold it. Five years of going thru my moms illness and that's what I painted right after. Analize that. ;)

  2. 2? only 2? WOW! You are clever! :-) ... WOW! Do you ever stop to eat? sleep?

  3. Eat? Sleep? Is that why I am so gaunt of late? Funny Lizzi...I do hurry through dinner to get to the sewing machine! DH says he only "sees" me there now. Maybe I ought to look up once in a while for the sake of the relationship? Hummmmmmmmmmmmmm?

    Cris: If I may...I'd see this as you coming out of a very difficult time into freshness of new life (for you)... :-) Maybe?

  4. Sewing can be addictive...but vises go it's a good one ;)

    I'm so proud of you and all the wonderful work you've been doing! GREAT JOB!

  5. Lynn, Yes you may. I think you may be right. Never thought of that. I was thinking about the garden I planted for Mom at her house so she could sit in beauty and enjoy. I spent alot of time on that garden. I pulled weeds as therapy and I made her something she loved. An English Garden. I guess that Carried over in my Art afterwards too. Kind of like you said about your nail polish. Things do come out of our subconscious later on. Thats what makes Art of all kinds so important to everyones life I think. Our Group in CA used to call our painting time together our therapy sessons. ;)
    Cant believe your so close to being done on that quilt.. Congrats!

  6. Oh, this women looks really harrassed and angry. I love her eyebrows, expressive!

  7. lady, you are talented, and talented and talented.

  8. It's interesting that your draw pictures based on tv shows or movies you have seen. You have done this before.

    Congrats on the quilt being done, the signature made. when did you say you'd be mailing it to me??? :)

    Your DH will be so thrilled once it's on your bed and he and thee are tucked in beneath.

  9. Yes Suki, I seem to need something else to do while watching TV. I used to knit or crochet in front of the TV. Now that I've "taken up" drawing I find I can do that while watching, and the subconscious mind, (I guess) picks the subject matter out of the screen and my brain screen as well.
    Last night I read a novel while watching, but I was way more into the book than the show on TV.


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