Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Forty Squares All Top Quilted

The fortieth square is completed.
I even took out stitches in this last square that held the only pucker on the quilt.
Well the most obvious one anyway...and now it's gone. Tomorrow I'll work on the borders. I have all afternoon free from work, and am really looking forward to this surprise-half day off.
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  1. Congratulations! I'm looking forward to see the whole thing soon:)

  2. your energy is catching, and the results are it an expensive hobby?

  3. I tried to leave a comment last night & a box came on saying NO CAN DO...Well not in those exact words. ;)
    Anyway I said Congrats on getting the squared done. Good job. How much do you have to do on the boarders?
    Thanks for your welcomed comment on my blog yesterday.

  4. Thanks all.

    Yes, FY, I'd say its a bit expensive. For someone (me) who is used to garage sale & thrift store shopping and saving, I have really jumped into another arena here. But, I HAVE made a quilt from fabric bought at a garage sale! (My first big one, Fish Quilt) it's possible to go less expensive. Classes cost from $40-50. Good fabric costs $9 yd. (There are sales at quilt shops)
    Thread and other notions cost.(Joanne's has sales all the time) I must have well over $200 invested on this Rose Quilt. But it is SO MUCH FUN and SO REWARDING!
    I'd save for it!

    Cris: There are three borders. Each one needs to be "quilted". Am still deciding what to do on each. Hearts? Flowers? Leaves? Swirls? All the above? Actually I am still re-pinning them too to make sure they are wrinkle free on the back and top as much as possible.

  5. Congratulations! Can't wait to see the whole thing.

  6. Oh maaybe it's not done done. (re my previous comment)

    To answer your ? I am in NH on a visit to help out due to my SIL's illness. I am relieving my brother of all the chores of taking care of mom, dr apt drives, buying groceries etc so he can focus on his wife. To myself I call it being here for the winter. I am redoing the room because I can't bear sleeping in it the way it was even for a few months. Plus in 25 years Mom and Dad have done few if any decorative home improvements so I am adding to the home in a way, which will someday be my brother's as he needs 2 houses. :)

    Look forward to seeing it en masse.

  8. P.S. the email to your 2nd address bounced back to me today :-( In future I shall send the message here, and you can delete from blog comments after reading, if that's Ok?

  9. Okay Lizzi. Will do. No idea why this is happening. I get email from Paris okay! Nu?

  10. I'm so impressed! and a bit envious of your 1/2 day off...but still happy you have it!

  11. Dear Lady Bug, it thrills me to no end to hear I impress you! And being ones own boss sometimes has its perks...the half day off was done by juggling clients and some clients juggling themselves out of my week. Doesn't happen very often, can't even remember the last time it did...or maybe the universe knew I just wanted to really stay home and sew. I am blurry eyed now from doing so. On FISH no less! You'll see. Undoubtedly from some inspiration from you!


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