Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Today's Creativity Thus Far...

This finished product close up of finished fish. Top quilted/free style!
This is the fish quilt I made in September. My first large quilt! The pillowcases were made to go with it.

Half a day off work produces two completed fish pillowcases!

This photo should be on top: It is the beginning of two pillowcases
I made my 14 yr old grand daughter for Chanuakah. They go with the Fish Quilt I made her for her birthday in September.
The fish "in the blue water" are on batting, so are raised a bit and quilted on top, as are the waves.

This is hand drawing #3...I think it's meaning is fairly obvious.

The Rose Quilt is resting. I think Friday will be a good day to quilt borders.

Now will someone please tell me why I ate nearly a half a pint of very good rich chocolate ice cream today?
DH thought he was being sweet bringing it home to me last night. I was appreciative of the thought.
But my body does not need it. My mind did not need it. Even my taste buds could have lived nicely without it.
I do not like the way it makes me feel.
I am complaining to myself for allowing myself to dive in where I knew I'd be sorry afterwards. Silly me.
I wonder how old I have to get before I GET THIS!!!!

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  1. I don't know if any of us will ever be old enough to stop wanting ice cream, even if it does leave us sugar and fat saturated and suffering from brain freeze!

    I think your quilt looks a bit like an aquarium - perfect!

    You don't have to sign up to do ABC Wednesday. Just post a photo of something that starts with the letter for the week. Next Wednesday, the letter is Q and then the following Wednesday R and so on. I suppose Mrs. Nesbitt (link at my blog) will decide if we are to start all over with the alphabet after we get through Z or if we'll do numbers or what.

  2. Wow.. love the fishies. very cute. Another cool hand drawing too.
    Thanks for all your support over my Rude People in my life lately. I have allowed it to stifle my painting since moving here and now it is time to Stop it. I am Artist Hear me Roar.. LOL
    I am doing a drawing in your honor tonight.. probably wont get it done till tomorrow as I have had to many interuptions but I AM doing something creative. And I have put some of my Work on a slide show on my blog.. which took up a large part of my drawing time. Of course it is in tantum..Just to drive everyone crazy.. LOL
    OK got to get back to it. Thanks again for being so caring and supportive. You Rock! lol

  3. PS... about that learning bit on eating to much Ice cream & sweets. I licked my wounds with to much Chocolate. arrgh. Felt lousy afterwards too...So I would say probably Never..? lol

  4. Okay so todays' or this weeks photo needs to be a "P" will definitely think about that.

    A drawing in my honor! Oh Cris! I might cry!

    And NEVER for learning the sugar problem? Oh SOD IT! ;-0

  5. I BEG YOUR PARDON... SOD IT?? LOL.. oh dear you are funny. E doesnt know what she started. LOL

  6. I hope they don't have an English person monitoring these blogs. I sure don't want to be tossed off!

  7. Oh dear.. me neither. ;)
    Check out my new slide show. I put on some of my paintings I have done. what a job that was.
    am still working on my drawing. lots of work. but fun..

  8. I like the idea of a child having an aquarium to sleep under, super lovely!
    As for chocolate ice-cream, nah! just keep eating it till your body keels over I say.
    See, I do like to lead people astray whenever and whereveer possible, so all together now... "SOD IT"! ;-)

  9. Hey Lynn, don't think twice about the icecream, don't let it bother you:) The fish-pillow is just gorgeous, I love the way you let them swim. And I really admire your constancy in getting those beautiful quilts done.

    The love-hand is happy and spreading energy out of it's fingers. You now have a collection of already 3 hands! I'm looking forward to the next ones. (Why so we like series so much?:)

    Have a good day - andrea

  10. I just love this fish quilt. Oh what a lucky granddaughter to have a grandma like you. It is a treasure.

    Did you enjoy the ice cream whilst eating it? Isn't that what matters?

  11. Those pillow cases are so cute I can't stand it. Yeah, Sylvain and I decided to stop in DQ last night and have some ice cream. Right after I took a spoonful, I looked at him and said, "when are we going to learn to buy one and share it?" I felt full after four bites. Sigh.

  12. Suki, Whilst eating it ;-) I obtained a major sugar rush and my head felt like it was going to burst off my neck!

    Thanks Kelly! And I am shocked YOU ate ice cream at all!!!! Just simply shocked! ;-)

  13. If you ever figure out how to stop that from happening will you please let me know? Ice cream is one of those things that seems to JUMP on a spoon and pry my mouth open while I sit or stand by without resistance....sigh.....

  14. wow.. you work fast. Those are darling. Love the colors.
    I just left a message on my comment box about the drawing.
    How cool you want to post it and print it. You have my permission. I was thinking of you when I did it. I had to post a better pix of it tho. one I fixed. lol

  15. Lynn, I just now posted a better photo of my chair. I had to fix a big goofed on my chair drawing .. It just hit me what was wrong. the bar on the back is supposed to go all the way across and I had it only half way. Duh. It finally hit me what was bothering me. so use this new one ok? thanks


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