Thursday, November 8, 2007

Creative today with new ink pens

I had to go to Staples today to get file folders for charts and ink cartridges for printers.
While there I found these "Sketch pens". Who knew? Wow.
My view from the couch:
Someone, was it Annie, asked me once how I display my work.
Well here it is! The Suki doll up on the wall, the star dancer pillow in the basket along with quilting magazines.
This I did in pencil at work ( I went over it with black ink tonight at home) while on the phone with a woman in India helping me download or upload DSL on my work computer today.
After all these years with dial up there...but now I can sneak into my blog and your blogs between seeing clients! Quickly. How fun!
Does this qualify as a "journal page" Judy Wise? I sure wish I could take one of your classes in Oregon. Cris you could do that! See her blog?
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  1. Your drawings are so unique and delightful. I just love looking at them. Isnt it funny how joining the BD led to all this new art gear we are getting and the fun we are having?? but I'm noticing my drawings are getting better. To steal your line.. WHO KNEW. LOL
    I need to check out that blogger in Oregon.. Thanks.

  2. Hey Lynn, these doodles are so funny, they exactly tell us in which mood you were at that moment! I love the expression on the round face, makes me smile.
    And the sketch of your "view from a couch" is sweet, nice to image you in your creative surrounding.
    New art supply- sketch pens! Are they like felt pens?

  3. This made me laugh. Love the peek inside your head while you were on the phone.

  4. Cris: here is the way to Judy Wises sites:

  5. Thanks for showing these drawings. I lke to see your wonderful wall with all your artworks displayed. And the words on your journal page are good ones for me to read and remember, esp today when I am cranky. I am again amazed at your energy Lynn, you work a job outside the home PLUS do all this artwork. And reading.

  6. Lynn - why don't you go and stay with Cris and you could BOTH go to one of these classes, and then tell us all about it??

    Your work is fab, I love seeing what you have been up too, and you make me smile too :-)


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