Saturday, October 20, 2007

No new photos today of MORE scrap art

Well Blogger is not allowing downloading/uploading/sideways loading photos today. I hope they fix this soon. I spent about two hours at the sewing machine this morning piecing pieces of scrap fabric in three squares on a long narrow piece. I got to practice my free motion sewing on them. I left it with batting and backing sticking out. Looks cool I think. I won't cut it. It's my ARTWORK today! (rules broken: the selvage is still on the fabric (NO! NO!); there are lines crossed over with sewing; dark bobbin thread shows up in some places on the top, oh shame.) It's fun being a sewing rebel! I took the 850 (sewing machine) to the store to give back to get my 830 model only to be told that she (store manager) decided to send it back to repairs. It was acting up again. Back home I went with the 850. Maybe they should just give it to me. ;-)


  1. I was having problems yesterday getting things on blogger. I hope they do get it all cleared up soon. boo hiss. ;)
    I will look forward to your photos. I've working on something today I am going to post on Monday. It will be the 4th anniversary of my Dad's death. it is a hard time right now for me so I am doing something special for my drawing. I hope it turns out. But I need to express it with Art.
    besides I am hooked on drawing now.
    Left you a comment on my blog on the mulching. Thanks for ALL your comments.
    now lets hope blogger gets it's act together!!!

  2. Cris my condolences for the loss of your dad. Four years is quite recent. I hope the artwork helps you though this anniversary.

  3. Thanks Lynn for the hugs, It all tied in with our move here too. I will post all that monday.
    I just saw Suki's blog and your comment on age. Just from conversing with you I would NEVER have thought 66. I left a comment there too. Couldn't tell that from your PICTURE .. LOL.. either.
    KUDOS on thinking young as well as positive. ;)


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