Sunday, October 21, 2007

Lynn's version of Suki Doll

Suki Poet gave me permission to copy her doll drawing and use my free style/motion sewing to make her myself. This is how she came out, with many "artist prerogative additions" on my part. I'll add her drawing and my process next. Thanks Suki. I just love "our doll". Since blogger is not allowing me to upload anymore photos today go to Suki's site to see her original doll drawing. I will do it the only way I know how thus far in a separate post. Bear with me. See above posting.


  1. OMG.. THAT IS ADORABLE. You two make a good team. ;-)
    It would be interesting to see sukis real doll. but you did a fantastic job on her.

  2. Lynn. I just love this doll. She's wonderful. You are a magician with thread and needle. Wow. Thanks for naming it Suki Doll. I am immortal.

  3. Suki, so glad you liked it. It was such fun to do. I think she needs a hand bag. Something big and clunky. And maybe a cat.

    Who knows she may acquire a whole family. I just stocked up on sewing machine needles and threads.

    Cris, see the original doll by clicking onto Suki's site or by the link I added above the doll post. Thanks for your great reaction too. (There are a few surprises for you on my slide show)

  4. Lynn, I was thinking of the REAL doll not her drawing. but then maybe I missed that. I think you need to run with the ideas you are having with the Suki Doll. How fun. you could photograph them for a little book too.
    Oh the tease is at it again. hee hee
    Didnt expect blonde tho..;) am in love with your photos. you have one wonderful camera and eye. I am trying to figure out about where in sunny state you are to find such cool things around you. I liked the Jelly Bellys too. oh and LOVE the egret flying. I love those birds and I painted two pictures of them. Sold one when we moved. Thanks for telling me about the show. ;)

  5. Nope wasn't expecting Gray either. was expecting dark hair. Don't know why.. maybe from the TEASE photo. grin

    Yes I think you will come up with something fantastic with that doll. I could just see ..hand bag comes off with velcro to change colors cat can be a dog etc.

    You must leave that imagination to science one day.. AND bottle that energy. hee hee. I'm envious!
    thanks for the nice comment. Hasnt anybody see Furbys before? hmmm

  6. Lynn this is a very cute doll, Suki Doll!

  7. this is gorgeous, wish i had some grandchildren, still waiting- my youngest son gets married this december, so here's hoping.


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