Thursday, November 15, 2007

"Ashley" gets Pinned

Tonight I finished piecing the backing for "Ashley". Then I took her upstairs and she and "Rose" got acquainted. I pinned "Ashley" while she and "Rose" talked about being quilted.

I had sewn the final border on "Ashley" earlier this evening. She looks quite sophisticated if you ask me in her black and white gown. I'm saving (I think) the top quilting until tomorrow morning. I want to make her last a while. Cris asked if I am adding hearts and flowers like "Rose" has. I will top quilt her, but it will be a different look. We'll have to wait and see what my subconscious mind brings up. It will be surprise to all of us.


  1. Ashley is going to love this wall hanging. When are you giving it to them? it sure is Lookin' good. ;)

  2. Cris: She'll get it as soon as it's done. Soon. They were recently married in my cousin's home in Denver.

  3. I like that patterns on the b/w fabric. I'm looking forward to how you'll do the top-stitching:)

  4. do you realise that you could take orders and make a fortune, i'd be first in line, each one is more lovely than the last, how many have you made altogether?

  5. Forever Young: How does one decide what to charge for their artwork?
    Materials, time, art?
    When I figure this out I'd like to do it.

    I have made:
    1. a wall hanging in beginners class
    2. nine patch pizzaz fish quilt
    3. two naptime quilts w/pillows
    4. two rail quilts (lap size)
    5. Rose quilt (sits across top of Queen bed)
    6. Ashley wall hanging
    (4 mediums, four small)

  6. Ashley and her mate are indeed lucky to receive soon this beautiful gift of hand and heart.

    I wonder if one could ever get enough money for a quilt to make it seem worth it. If you count in time, at least for the ordinary person, it would make a very high price I think. You make yours fast but still charging for the idea, the sewing skill, and so forth. I bet the rose quilt could be several thousand or more. I did see some quilts for sale at a craft fair recently but I didnt look at the prices.

  7. Lynn, your quilts are so beautiful...i'm in awe of them and the recipients are so blessed to recieve your labours of love.

  8. Lovely quilts, and so much work!

    I started quilting this year and am addicted - I have to put away my machine in order to stop. But I did sell one quilt and now have requests for two more. I certainly don't make money on them, but do enjoy the work. 4 went to the church fair and two are waiting for professional quilting and one is still here waiting for a home.


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