Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thursday's Walk

Once again today I walked to town from my office, about five minutes walk to get lunch. I like the old barber pole that really moves, the new downtown sign, the bridge over a dry (now) creek bed that leads into a large park, the flag painted on the window of a bar, the artist shop called A Stroke of Magic, with classes in painting, drawing and collage, I found; Santa on the rooftop, an old bell tower, the yellow house holds my office upstairs in the back,
and my CRV is parked on the side street under the wonderful maple leaves in reds and yellows.
Windows, doors, and an old movie theater for Annie. She showed us hers, here is mine. Do you have one in your town/city too? Lots of flags wave in our town as do Christmas decorations right now. I loved the pumpkin by the wedding dress! Oh, it doesn't show in this photo...take my word for it there is a pumpkin on the floor at the foot of this lovely dress.


  1. Thanks for talking us along on your lovely walk. Your town looks so pretty, everything is neat and nicely decorated, I like the wood houses a lot, and their colours. Your office-house looks great, too. It is funny that there are palm-trees and beside them trees with autumn-coloured leafs!

  2. Cool town you have there. Kind of reminds me of our town with all the trees in color. It has to be northern. So pretty & quaint.
    I need to figure out how to do the small photos like that. I dont have picassa. How do you get it?

  3. Cris: Google supports Picassa. It's free. Google it. It's fun & easy. Great to edit & store photos to.

  4. Thanks for the tour. I wish I could walk it in person.

  5. I came by to go to the movie theatre with you but found that my head started spinning with all the visual attractions I passed on the way.

  6. WOW! WOW! WOW! You've been busy! I on the other hand have not (art wise that is). It is a flying visit at 2.20am here, but your ROSE quilt is divine, the balck and white one awesome and I LOVE your photo/walk essays :-) I get to share a little of your home town.

    Nice to catch up at last.

    P.S. Try using a good sharpening knife or blade for your beautiful colour pencils, as an electric sharpener will waste too much precious lead. (I'm not jealous this time as I have LOTS of colour pencils ;-))


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