Friday, November 16, 2007

Lunch With Judy!

Friday lunch with Cousin Judy!

Judy is my next to youngest cousin, her brother is the youngest. Today we met in a town half way between our two towns (her city, my town) and had a fun day of it. First we met near the Thrift Store and I had to take a photo of that cute dog up on top of the little house! Then we went across the street to the Jewelry store where we knew this quilt was on display.
My friend Diane the QUILTER, and a group from her Embroiderer Society made it for the Cancer Society in memory of a friend who died of breast cancer. It's a very intricate and beautifully done "crazy quilt".

Then we went to the Noodle House for lunch and had good food there. But we still wanted dessert and the fortune cookies were not quite enough, so we went to the chocolate house for apple pie (me) and coffee and an oatmeal cookie and a chocolate truffle for Judy. Judy is a Kindergarten teacher of 30 years and is very good at sharing. So we shared! That truffle was delicious!

After all that eating we took a 45 minute walk around the town fast and talked and talked and talked. The other two shots are things I saw and had to capture with my camera along the way. Then we sat in the park, people watched, and talked and talked and talked some more. It was a very fun day! We are going to do it again next month!
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  1. How fun. Something I miss being up here is going to lunch at Mimis with old friends and Cons cousin. Just isnt the same here. You got some mightly lucious looking pastry there. ;)
    OK who is in the photo with your cousin? You find some charming things to photograph. I did get confused on the quilts of which was which.

  2. What a great cousin visiting lunch!

    By the way, you are tagged. See my blog for details!

  3. sounds like so much fun! good for you for making time for such visits!

  4. Sounds like a fun visit! Isn't talking talking talking great with the right person?

  5. Sounds like a wonderful day, love the pictures! It is like a discovery booklet:)

  6. love the pics
    what a grand day
    fun to see that others agree


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