Saturday, November 10, 2007

Border with Hearts is Done

Putting the rose quilt with pink/cream border done to bed for the night. It's owner went to bed earlier too, but now is really outside in the rain, a sport he dearly loves and demands. There is no keeping him in (if we want to keep our window shades that is).

One border to go...

Addendum to pens purchased today at a garage sale for $5 for a set of seven pens.
I went on line: This Staedtler Marsmatic 700 set sells for $238.93 with seven pens (like mine, sizes vary slightly for some);
and $159.29 for a set with four pens. The ink alone, the size of the container in my set is $8.00.
More than DH paid for the entire set. The ink in my set has turned to water. So I do need to buy the ink. (But the pens have never been used) I hope I can find the ink locally. I had no idea what I had! They are Art Design pens or drafters pens. Who knew? Apparently several of you did! ;-)


  1. i just love how ideas can come in that space between sleeping and waking. the border looks great!!

    and oh, cats in boxes. so silly and so cute!

  2. what a bargain, and yes, i agree with leah, your cat is cute (although i'm not a cat person).

  3. I love your pics of your cat. He is hilarious and reminds me so much of my own.

  4. Quilt boarder is looking sooooo good. cant believe you are almost done. Love the cat in the box. I dont know why they love tight places like that.. mine do the same thing. lol
    Wow on those pens. What a deal. wait till Elizabeth hears about that. She will be even MORE jealous...LOL

  5. Great Lynn! Thanks for rubbing it in about the pens! Arrggghhh! ;-)

    Cat is very cute too, he obviously likes being famous. :-)

  6. Argh. Sorry about the pens. I really didn't MEAN to rub it in...just stating amazing to me facts about the little things.

    As to Henry V, well he does feel he quite owns this quilt now. At this very moment he is sleeping on the bottom half touching the floor while(st) I sew on the top. I did take his photo down there and will blog it later this evening. Stay tuned. I have to nudge him once in awhile to keep the quilt sewing moving. Too funny.

  7. Borders so well done, with little hearts, it looks beautiful. And Henry V looks always so sweet, from this perspective he looks a lot like Oscar:) (less fat though, I guess his nighly walks keep Henry him slim!)

  8. Henry slim? I hardly think so. He weighs in at 15 lbs. He has the sneezles today. I woke with him curled up (behind) the angle of my bent knees. Such a sweetie when he isn't leaping off my lap and digging in his claws to get away from the sudden start of the sewing machine (yesterday). I have the scars to prove it!


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