Sunday, November 11, 2007

Cat On A Mostly Green Quilt

Glad you like my cat, as he is becoming one of my most willing subjects.
He and I went upstairs early last night.
Tired from sewing, nada on TV I wanted to see. We cuddled up in the bed under the mostly green quilt and he slept and I drew.
Even made a journal page. Lila Tov, good night.
And now it is morning: Boker Tov, a new day! What will I produce?

The rain has stopped. Maybe I'll go for a walk wearing my new sport shoes.
One more realization about pens: The ones I bought before the latest set, at Staples for $9 are the same brand as the EXPENSIVE ones. (Staedtler) DH pointed this out this morning!
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  1. Yep E was right Liar.. you CAN draw. lol You did this with only ink? WOW.
    I was trying to knit last night and Daisy, Nikki AND Romeo all came to try and get my knitting needles from me. arrgh. So I didnt get as much done as I would have liked. But they are such sweeties it is hard to get mad.
    Love the journaling... and the cat drawing. I just posted about my knitting. Not that I am much of one. lol

  2. Great journal entry and drawings. The quilt making nears an end. Or at least this particular quilt.

  3. Oh, what a fantastic drawing of the shoe. And I like Henry's nose and mouth and little whiskers. I have an idea for a future project for you...once you are done quilting in a few years, perhaps. How about a customized children's story book for your angels starring themselves as the characters? Now that I know you can illustrate. :)

  4. I had fun to look at your lovely drawings and the journal entries: it was like a special cut in a movie:)

  5. i also said it, you can draw! specially cats, go girl go.


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