Sunday, November 11, 2007

Henry V Rules!

This is my Sunday Walk Collage this week. The same walk, but new findings. The cat is a neighbors sunning itself on top of their car...It poured rain here yesterday but the sun and the footballers were out in full swing today, and I especially liked catching the bee in the flower in the middle shot. Some of the others were taken with Annie in mind. We seem to share an eye for these things/shapes. And I am getting some much needed exercise! Be sure to click on the bee to see him/her larger!

Henry is the bump at the bottom of the quilt on the top and you can see his new spot under the quilt on to the backing! I had to keep nudging over a bit to move the sewing along the top border. I got further along toward the left side of that top border and have the rest of it and the end width around that corner before it's done. But I have been at it since early this morning and my wrists were starting to balk from all the moving around the flowers and leaves of that printed fabric. So it won't be done today...but soon now. Soon.


  1. Hi Lynn,

    I do like your eye, very much, and I am tickled that you referenced mine in your post today.

    About whether I remember all those things you asked about (bright sun after dark theaters, sticky floors, newsreels and Tom Mix, etc.), I am most definitely not too young. And I wouldn't have missed it for the world.

  2. If you want to know what Annie is talking about in her comment here in the second paragraph click on her name and go to her blog. Go to the post and photo about the old movie theater!

    And Annie, I can't believe you remember those things too! The good old days!

  3. Great shots you got today. love the bee on the flower.
    I love that Henry. What a cutie. He knows that quilt is a winner to hang around on. ;)I love the boarder you picked out too.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Yes Lynn.. Prismacolor pencils. THEY ARE WONDERFUL. Expensive too. but so worth it. I can still use my other pencils but they just dont cover as well and wont go over another color. I used the 40% coupon and that was quite a savings. I need a pencil sharper they make just for them. wonder if that is on sale too.
    Thanks for the heads up on the sale.
    Oh I remember old movie theaters too. Bummer thing is all the ones I went to in CA are all gone. Replaced by big mall theaters. Not the same at all. Loved the price of movies then too. You got TWO full movies AND a cartoon for that quarter. Those were the days. ;) oh and Gas was 25 cents a gallon too. lol

  5. Great work Lynn!

    And your cat seems to think so too! At least your cat doesn't have the same habit my mom's has...her cat likes to sit on her shoulder while she sews!!!

  6. Thanks Cris. I wonder if I can use the 40% coupon and get the 25% sales price too. Probably not. ;-) Wishful thinking. That would make them nearly free, garage sale priced! LOL But thanks for the heads up about using the 40% off coupon which is a better deal than the sale price. Lots of other artist supplies on sale too, canvas, sketch pads etc. Go to the store!

    OMG Lady Bug, if Henry sat on my shoulder I would fall of my chair, as he weights 15 lbs!

  7. Henry V is not only taking over your quilt. He seems to be taking over your blog as well! What will he be up to next ...?

  8. Lovely pictures, what an amazingly blue sky! The bee seems so busy, buzzy. I loke the wire-covered bridge a lot, too. And Henry, he's awfully cute. And you are soon a quiltmaster, I guess! Have a great sunny day

  9. Elspeth: Well if Rita Mae Brown can write whole books from a cats perspective I guess Henry can have a major roll in Blogland! LOL And as he's always up to something...stay tuned.

    Andrea, glad you like my photos.

  10. You are driven!!! Onward to the finish. I esp love Henry peering out from the quilt back. There prob are blogs that are entirely about cats, I've never looked.

    Thanks again for the walk through Mr Roger's neighborhood. I can just hear him singing as I tour the sights of Lynn's world.

  11. Oh Suki you make me laugh. Welcome to my neighborhood...I can hear the tune to even if I can't recall all the words...and I wore my tennis shoes to work today too...just like Mr. Rogers (so I can walk to lunch).

  12. Hi Lynn,
    Great blog! the photo collage, wow you've captured wonderful things! I might take my camera on my next walk!

    And, your sweety-kitty is and adorable tiger! I have an tiger kitty too...I call him my mango kitty (you can see why, here:

    I'll be back to browse more of your creative pursuits :)
    Oh...glad you were taken with SoulCollage! :)

    take care..Cheryl

  13. Oh! I forgot to mention your beautiful quilts! I'm at work and short on time, but I'll be back!
    Keep creatin'

  14. Hey hey..I am jealous. you even got DSL at work. boo hiss.. LOL Nah..I'm happy for you. Good on the walking too. We are having nasty weather today after yesterdays lovely weather. Doesnt look like we raked one bit yesterday. But good news is the wind is knocking quite a few leaves down and ouR back trees are just about done. YES!
    Right now your quilt and a fire sounds good. :)

  15. mmm i like the bridge ones.
    henry is definitely an added asset to your pics.

  16. WELCOME Cheryl! Thanks for coming by, please do come again. I'll look at your kitties soon.

  17. Henry seems to be saying "don't you even think about taking this quilt away from me."

  18. Wanted to comment on yr journal pages however when I clicked comment I got a message that the pg wouldnt come up so I clicked on this post.

    Funny you mention should you blog emotions. As i checked out Judy Wise in the on-line version sample of the magazine and apparently she wrote an article on how to blog and she says she doesn't blog really personal stuff like emotions.

    When I began blogging I did a lot of emotions kinda stuff as I have been a longtime letter writer (my first book is a book of letters between me and 2 college friends) so I feel ok about talking about and writing about emotions. Blogging seems to me so much like instant letter writing. I don't worry too much about revealing that side of myself in blog. However, I will say that probably for my first year or so of blogging I had very few readers. Maybe having lots of readers who I dont personally know would make it different. Yet the book had readers we didn't know although we used pseudonyms.

  19. Suki, I responded to your welcomed post under the journal entry page. I hope you can get there now. Let me know.

  20. Well I went to Micheals today & no pencil sharpeners for Prismacolors so I am using my electric sharpener and having no problems.
    Since I was in there and had a 40% coupon I got that cloth,paper sissors magazine. They had it in Micheals. Wow.. Judy does have a nice article in there. Thanks for the heads up on that. Oh and it was 36 in the box of Prismas I should have gotten. Oh well WHO KNEW I would fall in love with them. lol


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