Monday, November 12, 2007

Journal Entries...Bouncy Noon to Heavy Eve


  1. Dear Lynn, I had tears in my eyes over your journal entry in the Eve. Yes I do think your sadness is from Rose quilt being almost done. More of a mourning of it being over. If I am reading a good book I can feel a bit empty when it is over. I am going to miss the characters and story the feel good feeling from it. This quilt was a feel good read... This quilt was quite the journey and a high of sorts with EVERYONE in on it too. You met alot of people thru this quilt. She is a beauty and you will enjoy her for a long time... You and Henry. :)
    But you will fall in love with another soon and move on..sad but true. :-)
    Love your journaling. I see that you drew out the photo of the yellow daisy and Bee on it. And of course Rose Quilt.

  2. Speaking only of the artfulness of this, wouldn't it make a lovely little postcard? The art, the "travelogue", the personal touch.

  3. Hi Lynn, I had some lovely minutes reading your journal entries, with my had tilted at 90 degree to read everything:)
    Don't be sad, I already can see your next black and white Quilt calling for you. But I know the feeling...and therefore have always several pieces which I work on at the same time or at least, begin something when the 1st thing is not yet finished.
    It felt nice to read my name in connection with that german cake, it sounds a bit like "Christstollen" which is a cake with lots of raisins and dried fruits and butter, hmmmm.
    Have a great day, and " Vive le Quilt rose!"

  4. Dear Cris, thank you for your understanding. It really helped to find your words here late last night before I went to bed.

    Annie...a postcard, hummmmmmm?

    Andrea: Yes,I did start washing the black & white fabrics last night in preparation to begin anew. I agree about having the next thing ready to go...And yes, I believe it was that Christstollen cake! It was very good.

    Suki: Well, Judy may be right, or right for her, but I was okay sharing as I knew who my readers were and knew they'd be there for me! ;-) And it wasn't THAT revealing, just a bit of melancholy over finishing a quilt...bitter/sweet? Couldn't even sleep with "her" yet as she was full of pins for hemming!LOL
    I'm fine today.

    Thanks all for being there.

  5. Lynn, you got the 36 box? I thought the next box up was 48 pencils. I didnt see the 36 one. hmmm. I will just have to do with what I got till they wear out. I had already spent seven bucks on the Walmart brand. They work OK but not as great as the Prismacolors.
    I just used the electric sharpener but they DO have one for sharpening them so you dont get the point to pointy. they can break if you do. so dont sharpen them to sharp. Thats why they work so well because they are softer then the cheaper ones.
    How we do inspire each other. Fantabulous. ;)


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