Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tuesday's Walk and What I saw

Tuesday's noontime walk.

Pretty things growing on trees, inviting doorways, statues in bronze downtown, the German bakery where I eat lunch often in the town square, the Czech beads in the new bead store and the door that leads to no where. The sun was shining again, and it felt great to be outside.
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  1. What is that crazy bumpy fruit? It sure it pretty.

  2. Thanks for the walk. Nice town you live in.

  3. How I'd like to accompany you for a walk through your lovely neighbourhood. You have a great eye for things, love the composition. Such bright colours. Is it autumn or are you always in summer?

  4. I am really getting to like your town. You are showing it to us through your discerning eye. Making it familiar and inviting.


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