Tuesday, November 13, 2007

She's almost, almost washer then dryer, then fini!

Hey everyone, Rose is taking a bath! These are photos of her before she went into the tub. You can see the finished binding in the upper left and lower right photos around the outside border. Look close at that picture to see how I outlined the flowers all around.
DH is holding her up to see her full length...A close up of stitching around the flowers on each square in middle right shot.
Center is five lovely silver heart buttons DH found for me at one of our fav thrift stores today! Not sure where they will go. Maybe on the Black and White wall hanging? We'll see. They are hearts with flowers on them. Rose might like them. I'll ask her.
After her bath she goes into the dryer and then her roses will fray. This gives her the aged quilt look.
Everyone cross their fingers for a wonderful outcome!
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  1. Hi Lynn I just left a praising comment here and it vanished!!! So I praise again:
    Lovely! This quilt is just lovely, what a piece of work you have done there. It is beautiful and precious! Can't wait to see her coming out of the dryer! Cross my fingers that everything will be splendid! Have a great day, when you read this, your rose quilt will be finished and on your bed:)

  2. I'm thinking you could teach a philosophy-of-aging lesson with your quilting process. One can only have so much control over the outcome of hard work - if one embraces the fraying and considers it part of the desired end result, one will be satisfied.

  3. BEAUTIFUL!!!!

    Nice work Lynn! You'll have to take "beginning" quilter off your interests now....because you are no longer a beginner! ;)

    I hope you are pleased with your work because you've done a wonderful job!


  5. You're definitely no longer a beginner.

  6. I forgot to mention the Bottons your DH got you. He has good taste. I like them. You need to use them on something special for you since he got them. ;-)


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