Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Rose Looking Old and Frayed As Was The Goal!

Rose is done! She came out of her bath frayed beautifully. That was the goal to have all the edges of the flowers fray so they would look old. Old and beautiful. Old is beautiful. Annie suggested the quilt is a message of the aging cycle.

So, this is how I see it: Life cycle. The inception/conception (the class to learn how to make her), the cutting and the piecing (early childhood development), the slow laborious top sewing (teen years: rebellious outside the box experimenting); adding borders and embellishment (adulthood, more order, bringing it all together) and the binding (old age, tying up the loose ends, getting ready to be done!).

I will add more photos to the slide show for her to be seen in all her glory, start to finish.

What a joy it was to make this quilt. And what a proud quilter I am!

Yes, Lady Bug, I agree, I am no longer a beginner, I am definitely an Intermediate! LOL


  1. What a beautiful, intricate quilt! I love it. I came here to answer your question on what encaustic is. It is painting with wax and damar resin. It is a very old technique and requires the use of a propane torch or heat gun. It is really fun but hard. xoxo

  2. Came out wonderful. CONGRATS!!!
    What a job you did and you did it fast and excellent too. I bet it is even more beautiful in person and on your bed with you under it and Henry on top. ;)

  3. Wonderful, rosy quilt, congratulations. The message of the aging cycle:)
    Great piece of work finished, and the relust is gorgeous:)

  4. Lynn, that is absolutely beautiful!! Let me know when you start making them to sell.

  5. Whoa, so gorgeous. I just love how the freehand stitching surrounding the roses complements them in texture. Where will this quilt live?

  6. Beautiful quilt. Love the idea of frayed edges to the roses. Yes, this is far far beyond "beginner." Amazing. And I like the analogy with life's cycles.

  7. Just watched the slide show. I love your early quilts too, but this rose quilt seems so much freer, more inventive. It's yours. And maybe will be a prototype for others? I don't know how quilt ideas and patterns are passed on. You have made yourself a wonderful present. You are having a love affair with yourself (see Wayne Dwyer's quote on my "ponder this" blog section)

  8. Suki: Thank you Suki for taking me this delightful quote by Wayne Dwyer:"Taking care of yourself is a natural outgrowth of self-love. Have a love affair with yourself." Wayne Dwyer

    I truly am! As I have probably already said here ad nauseam, I have delighted in each stitch along the way in the making of Rose. And she is for ME/my Self/my bed/my bed of roses...LOL Oh I like that too. Tonight we cuddle!

    Thanks Judy for coming by to inform me, and for your kinds words about Rose.

    Cris, thanks to you too, and you did make me laugh..."with Henry on top"...any newbees here Henry is my CAT!

    ;-)Thanks Andrea.

    Okay, Sylvain, I will.

    Kelly, this quilt will live on my bed upstairs. I shall sleep peacefully under her weight and warmth. Even with all that stitchery it came from the wash so soft. I am pleasantly surprised.

  9. Yes Lynn the pencils do draw well. Compared to the cheaper ones I got and am still trying to use the prismacolors are creamer. Depending on how hard you push. and how much you go over. yes.. Coward.. grin
    Try them you'll like them. ;)
    Thanks for the nice comment on my baby birds.

  10. this is a wonderful quilt! I think I'll do one with my tons of fabric to shorten my stash!! love the concept!
    and thank you for the comments in my blog!


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