Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sneak Preview

Okay, I'm a quilt-a-holic!
I sewed today from 3PM till 9:45 PM with breaks for dinner...and potty!
I completed all nine squares...
Let the Black and White begin!


  1. Hi, Lynn, I love the effect of the black and white with different designs, it looks so "graphic" and very modern. Looks as if you are really getting addicted to quilting:) Have a great day

  2. OMGosh. You are a guilt-a-holic...Wow. nice start tho. It's going to be gorgeous. You better have your next quilt lined up because this one is going to breeze by. ;)
    How was Rose last night? Did you snuggle under her? Did Henry snuggle on top? lol

  3. This is great! I'd like to know what vitamins you take?? What energy. I also think this quilt seems very contemporary and i love the black and white materials you chose.

  4. Thanks all for your early kudos for Black & White wall hanging.
    I should call it "Ashley" as that is the young cousin I am making this one for.

    Yes, it's going fast. I sewed for 45 minutes this morning, got all nine squares sewn together, and the inner black border is on. Whew.

    Vitimins? None. Just get jazzed when I am being creative. It literally is a high for me and MOVES me.

  5. Oh, my goodness, what energy! What creativity! Does Ashley know about the quilt or is it a surprise?

  6. It's a surprise unless her mom or sister tell her. They both have my blog address, but don't think either has tuned in. It's a wedding gift.

  7. ashley sure is lucky. originality oozes here.


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