Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Forever Young

I am such a sucker for a challenge. Forever Young has a challenge on her blog to join a group that is drawing portraits of each other. I am not joining that group, but decided to draw the photo of her that she had up on her blog. If you want to see how close I came go to her blog site. It's the first name on my blog roll.

So: Forever Young, here is one more for your collection from Yours Truly!


  1. Thats pretty good Lynn. And you did it in INK. wow. Even MORE impressive.

  2. Hi Lynn, I love the look you gave her. She is all eyes! Great drawing. Have a nice evening, Andrea

  3. Lovely drawing - and very like.

  4. cool. i recognized her immediatly.

  5. i am so thrilled with this,it's terrific and the comments are great too, thanx one and if you post a photo of you, i will do yours, and we'll have our own little portrait party going...
    thanx a million, love it.

  6. Great portrait, Lynn. You really captured her look and that angle isn't an easy one to draw either. I await with baited breath (what on earth does that MEAN?) to see a picture of you and the resulting portrait by Forever Young.

  7. Oh, I am still camera shy here.
    We'll see.
    FY you might find my own self portrait and work from that. It's probably quite a few older posts backwards here.


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