Monday, November 26, 2007


My youngest grandchildren were born three years ago EARLY. I drew these from old photos of them at age eight days. The girl was born at 3. 5 lbs and the boy was 2 lb. Both are of normal size, health, intelligence, etc. today! I am amazed at how much the drawing of my daughter holding the little girl looks like me when I was her age.
The babies were so tiny we could hold them in one hand. It was scary.
Now they are just fun and wonderful to behold.


  1. Wow.. those drawings are amazing. What a touching thing to draw. You even got the emotion in there too.
    They were pretty tiny. How much early were they? So happy they are healthy & normal now.
    Thanks for nice comment on my slide show.

  2. These drawings are very touching! I love the way the mother holds the baby and the way she looks at it. Everything is in there. And the poor tiny thing in it's bed. I'm happy too that they are healthy and fine today, they (and you) must have gone through a difficult time back then.


  3. I love your drawings Lynn, thanks for sharing.

  4. Wonderful that you captured this moment with mom and baby. Something to cherish. They were sure tiny. glad the are happy and well now.

    I love mother and child pictures. Mary Cassatte did a lot, I htink I misspelled her name.

  5. twin grandhildren, how blessed are you, i also love the mother's hand cupped round the babies head.

  6. Oh my goodness! What a wonderful touchstone to keep that memory fresh...You are truly blessed to have your family, the care needed to bring your little grandchildren to their health today, and the vision and wisdom to cherish it all.

    Stunning. Thanks for the post Lynn!

  7. What wonderful drawings! They really capture the essence of it all, don't they?

    The family I babysat for during high school had twins 3 mos early, but one of them ended up having serious developmental and physical issues. Of course, this was twenty-five years ago.

    So glad your experience turned out well.


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